You know you’re a mum when…

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Lots of things change when you have a baby, nothing more so than you now devote all your time, love and attention to this tiny little human being.

But there’s a few more things that change, including our attitude towards things like, staying up late and having clean clothes…

You know you’re a mum when…

  • Your baby dresses better than you do.
  • You never leave the house without some form of milk/food stain accessorising your clothing.
  • Mini cupcakes are a good enough breakfast for you because you forgot to eat, are starving, running out the door and haven’t done the groceries.
  • If you’re still awake at 8.30pm you’re cheering, 9.30pm must be a special occasion, 10.30pm whoa hold onto your hats, that’s like 3am in pre-mummy speak.
  • A 20% off kids clothes sale at Target is the highlight of your day. No week. No, actually month.
  • You enjoy going nuts at said Target sale and would rather shop for kids things than things for yourself.
  • Drinks at the pub are replaced with picnics at the park.
  • Dinner parties are replaced with daytime BBQs.
  • You talk far too much about poo.
  • You celebrate bubs every burp, and fart, the relief so great you might as well have done it yourself.
  • Your boobs become part of everyday conversation.
  • You’ve never had so many random people talk to you.
  • Having a baby is by far your greatest achievement.
  • The only place you want to be in the whole world is at home with your little family.

What would you add to my ‘you know when you’re a mum list’…?

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