You can’t win

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In this day and age with the online world and social media, having an opinion, good or bad, right or wrong means that you can’t win.

TV personality and radio host Chrissy Swan was ‘caught’ by a paparazzi sitting in her car smoking. Big deal right. Well, the fact that she’s pregnant with her 3rd child made it a big deal. In the media, and online.

There was outrage, there was support, there was every man and his dogs opinion.

When I first heard about it, to be honest I was a little shocked. But then I rolled my eyes this morning as it made the ‘headlines’ on the news and thought we should all mind our own business. While on Facebook this morning I came across a blog post on The Shake about the topic and couldn’t help read it.

It lists things that we might do as mum’s, but they don’t necessarily make us a bad parent. I whole heartedly agree with the post. I’ve yelled at my child, Sophie’s had McDonalds, I’ve wished that just for 15 minutes I was home alone, by MYSELF with no children. None of this makes me a bad mother.

However, I have never smoked. And to be honest I REALLY don’t agree with women smoking while they’re pregnant. I don’t know what it’s like to have an addiction, but I do know what it’s like to totally love someone who you haven’t met yet and would do anything to protect them and bring them into this world safely.

I’m not judging Chrissy for smoking while pregnant. Like I said I don’t know what it’s like to have an addiction. But I guess I’m disappointed. Disappointed that as someone in the public eye, whether she likes it or not, Chrissy is a role model for other women. I feel sad that she didn’t get help. Admit to her partner and family that she had a problem and for the sake of her unborn child try with all of her might to kick the habit.

Chrissy knows what she has to do and she doesn’t need all of Australia bagging her out. But like I said in the online world you can’t win.

If I blogged on here about how you can smoke while pregnant and be a good mum then I would have copped it for condoning smoking while pregnant.

If I blogged on here, judging my butt of about what a terrible mother Chrissy is for smoking while pregnant I would have copped it and told to get off my mother Theresa high horse.

At the end of the day Chrissy knows it’s wrong and is doing something about it. That’s all anyone can ask of her.

That’s all anyone can ask of us, to try and be the best mum we can be.

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