Yesterday I ate my words for afternoon tea.

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eating_my_wordsMy post earlier this week: It’s ok if you don’t save the world, took a turn for the absolute better and as you’ll see was renamed: We can all help save the world. A dramatic title you might think, but after the lovely Cate Bolt herself left a comment on that post, it got me thinking. And this thinking deserved a post all on its own.

I have always perceived that helping people less fortunate has to involve time and or money. And if you’re not doing one or both of these things (and are able to) then you shouldn’t feel guilty, because we don’t all need to think we need to save the world.

But when in fact that is completely untrue and yesterday I quite happily sat here and ate my words. In our own little ways, we could all be contributing to saving the world, and helping those less fortunate, without even knowing it.

Don’t worry I’m not about to add the word Saint to the beginning of my name, but now that I’ve sat down and thought about all of this I think I have contributed to saving the world in ways that I hadn’t really considered before. As I said, I always perceived helping to involve money or time but here’s other ways you might relate to:

  • I’ve have links on this site to Cate’s charity. I never thought anything of this until I realised if just one person clicked on that link, donated to the charity, passed on the link and grew awareness, then I have achieved something.
  • I walk to work – not because I’m hugley green conscious and I live 3 minues from work, but at the end of the day for 5 days a week it’s one less car on the road spitting out fumes.
  • We adopted our puppy from the RSPCA. Yes ok, I’m kinda cheating here because that involved a little bit of money and continues to do so, but still we saved an animal.

We aren’t a green household, but I would imagine it wouldn’t take much to change some things around the house. Yes buying organic things costs money (damn money keeps poping up here!) but you’re really just redirecting money you would have spent anyway.

Anyway, that’s my little ramble for today – if you’d like to share ways you’re helping the world, please do. Big or small, it doesn’t really matter. Maybe you’ll pass on some great ideas that we can all relate to and / or even adopt ourselves.

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