Would you like cold fries with that?

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how_to_complain_aheroYesterday while out shopping for pink things for our new baby niece, Hubby and I decided to grab a quick bite to eat. We were in town so headed into the mall and sat down at the first little cafe we found.

Quick easy order, 2 chicken tandoori burgers. Our drinks arrived quickly, but then time started passing by when it came to the food.

A young waitress came out and said are you waiting on two chicken burgers. Yes, we replied. More time passed and one burger arrived with the promise the other wasn’t too far away. My chips were cold and the burger was cold. But hungry and in a hurry I ate the burger anyway, but not the cold chips. I had just about finished when Hubby’s finally arrived. Hot chips, hot burger, clearly they had only made one and then realised there was 2 for the order.

So where is my lunchtime story going? Well I’m glad you asked. We didn’t whinge, complain, nothing? But afterwards we thought maybe we should have said we weren’t happy to the man behind the counter when he asked, How was everything today?

It takes something pretty appalling for me to actually complain in a restaurant or cafe, but then Hubby bought up a point yesterday, that if you owned a cafe would you want to know about unhappy customers?

What do you think? Should we have said something? Do you mention your unhappiness if you’re not happy when eating out?

  • Jodie at Mummy Mayhem
    December 17, 2009

    Definitely. I always say something if I’m not happy with the food. Not afraid to send something back either. You’re paying good money, and your food should be hot or cold (whatever it’s supposed to be) and cooked properly. If you do it in a calm, friendly way, that’s best. We’ve had the cost of food removed from bills that wasn’t nice etc. Don’t be afraid. It’s your money you’re spending and it’s for the service as much as it is for some food!! :)

  • nomie
    December 17, 2009

    I think as long as you are polite about it you have every right to say something. As Jodie says, it’s your money!

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