Will you be my new Mum?

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dog_lion_cubs1I couldn’t resist putting this on here, such a great story and gorgeous pics!

From ninemsn:

A stray dog has saved the lives of three lion cubs and a tiger after becoming their surrogate mother at China’s Hefei Zoo.

The black mongrel has been licking, cleaning and feeding the cubs since June after they were rejected by their mothers.

dog_lion_cubs2The facility’s staff have successfully used canines in the past to raise abandoned big cats and bears. The newborn animals are sprayed with dog urine to make the maternal animal think they belong to her.

She will reportedly feed her adopted babies for a month until they outgrow her milk supply.

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  • Ben
    July 28, 2009

    Please dont tell me the cubs eat the dog when she runs out of milk!!!!!!

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