Why does NO give you all the power

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Why is it that in a situation where 2 people want different things the person who is saying ‘NO’ gets all the power?staffy-puppy

Not following? Takes these examples:

‘I want to paint the house pink’

So we don’t paint the house pink.

‘I want a puppy’

So we don’t get a puppy!

Get my drift! So while I haven’t asked to paint the house pink, I have been for a while now on the puppy bandwagon. I gave up for a little while, probably because I was preoccupied organising the wedding, but a couple of days ago the ad for the upcoming episode of Bondi Vet came on and showed Dr Chris with some staffy puppies. Seriously, just too cute! Actually the vet and the puppies, but we’ll stick to the puppies for now!

So with the wedding all but under control the puppy mission was/is now back on the top priority list! I jumped on the RSPCA adopt a pet website and whattaya know first puppy looking for someone to love it is a little female tan staffy! At just 4 months old she’s still young enough for us to train. I call it fate, other half calls it, well he just said no!

I will be honest with you and confess that we don’t have a yard with grass and it would be slightly unfair on her but there are plenty of ways around this, I’m just still compiling what they are! Some of them, well, I’ll take her for lots of walks – a great way to help lose some weight before the wedding! She can go for playdates at friends places who also have staffies and big yards. We had always planned to pull up the stones in the backyard and lay some turf, so we can just bring it forward! And I work across the road from where we live and go home for lunch so I can check on her every day.

My final heartfelt plea to anyone that will listen….  well actually trying to cut a deal with the other half, if no one takes her and she’s going to go to doggy heaven then we were meant to have her.

Right well I’ve stated my case now have to wait for the verdict.

Sneaky road trip to Rutherford RSPCA on the weekend anyone?!

  • Emily Waters
    April 9, 2009

    Being a staffy owner myself I would just like to point out that my staffy never really ventures far from the backdoor… she is too busy people watching and being human!
    They bring too much joy to your lives and love you unconditionally!
    I think you should start a ‘Help Ami get a Staffy’ petition… she could even be part of the wedding!!!

  • Raucus
    April 9, 2009

    Hi Ami, sorry to say this, but dog and warehouse don’t mix. As for painting the warehouse pink – there used to be some very bright colours there. I think you have more chance on the paint.

    Love you, and look forward to catching up soon…

    Ps. If you want an intro to Bondi vet, my sister in law could arrange….

  • Emily
    April 9, 2009

    Just do it. and once you have, opps to late and im sure the ‘other half’ will be like ” we should of done this sooner”. well we can only try..

  • Belinda
    August 22, 2010

    We have been owners of 2 staffy pups.
    I would just go out and get one your other half will ajust and probably love her as much as you anyway….they are great with children too. Do not worry about your no grass area..buy some fake grass and hose it down…she will never leave your side anyway….have fun :-)

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