Who should decide whether we have a CHOICE or not?

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choiceHow much thought do you give to who is running our states and our country? For me to be perfectly honest, on a scale of 1 to 10, I’d probably be about a 3. But today I am sitting at an 11, or actually no make that a 100.

Mia Freedman posted a heartbreaking story on her blog about a woman who needed to have an abortion at 19 weeks due to fetal abnormalities that were detected during a scan. A medical abortion was the bext way to go – I believe this is using a drug like RU486.

This is what The Australian paper had to say:

The diagnosis, coming late in the second trimester of Shay’s pregnancy, meant a surgical termination would create complications for her and husband Brad having other children. Her obstetrician recommended that she have a drug-induced abortion in hospital.

But acting on concerns raised by the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists that such medical abortions were technically illegal under Queensland criminal law, Brisbane’s North West Private Hospital refused to admit her. Queensland’s largest public hospital, Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, followed suit, having been the first in the state to suspend its medical abortion service last week.

Prominent Brisbane obstetrician Adrienne Freeman has now offered to perform a medical abortion using the drug misoprostol at Shay’s home, or in a hotel. That prospect, however, appals the young woman.

You can read the full story on Mia’s blog by clicking HERE.

So for the first time in a very long time it made me think about who these people are that our running our states and our country. What right does the Queensland government have to decide that a woman can or cannot have an abortion and in the case of this poor woman Shay, decide that she is legally not allowed to have a medical abortion as opposed to a surgical one which could lead to complications and future problems if she tried to conceive again.

In areas like this there is no simple yes or no answer and I don’t envy the politicians who are involved in issues such as these. But I do wonder if people’s, well politicians own opinions and beliefs enter into decisions being made on topics such as these.

When you walk into the polling booth on election days, how much thought have you given to who you are voting for? How much research have you done into each person’s/party’s policies and what they stand for?

For me, honestly I’ve never done much independent research at all, actually probably none, and have gathered knowledge usually from only what is in the media. So forget about your own opinions and beliefs on something as controversial and personal as abortion, and ask the question; does everyone have the right to make their own choices? My answer is YES.

And now think about the people that we, the people of Australia, vote into positions of power who sometimes get to decide if we have the ability to make our own choice or not.

It’s a little bit frightening don’t you think.

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