When smoke gets in your eyes…

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funny-no-smoking-sign…and up your nose and in your mouth. I was waiting to be picked up from the airport on Tuesday night and much to my disgust had 2 people to my right smoking and another to my left, yep you guessed it, smoking. I’m unsure of what the rules are for just outside the doors of an airport but it made me question (in my head of course) how far can outdoor smoking bans go?

It took so long for smoking to be banned from outside eating areas and even then I think there is still a bit of a grey area. On Tuesday night I had to walk to the other end of the front of the airport to get away from the smoke, it was so bad. But who has more rights? As a non-smoker I have the right to freely walk the streets and shouldn’t have to worry about someone blowing smoke my way, but then I would imagine that a smokers argument would be that they have chosen to smoke and it’s their rights too, to be able to walk around and smoke.

Obviously I’m completely on the non-smoker side and I think that if someone has chosen to smoke then they should be considerate of the people around them.

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