When no doesn’t always mean no… Meet Jack Streeter!

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So, we did our road trip to Rutherford to the RSPCA on Easter Saturday to have a look at the little staffy with my other half still muttering to himself that he hadn’t said yes yet! Jack StreeterUnfortunately the ‘little’ staffy turned out to be not so little and possibly crossed with a ridgeback! Way too big for our yard! I was preparing myself to walk away puppyless when my other half called me over to another pen.

It turns out while I was checking out Ruby the staffy, John had found the little kelpie pen! There were 4 brothers and another chocolate kelpie all vying for our attention. To my amazement John had already picked his puppy, well actually according to him, the puppy picked him!

Next thing I know, we’re asking to have a closer look and play with him, then we’re organising a premise inspection; yes the RSPCA won’t allow you to adopt a pet until they inspect your yard. 8am Easter Sunday inspector man arrives, hands me the approved inspection papers and we’re off to Rutherford to collect our 12 week old kelpie puppy ‘Jack’.

He has fitted in perfectly to his new home and of course has his Dad wrapped around his little paw!

Astonishingly we have gone through the whole process and now have our puppy at home all without John actually muttering the word ‘yes’!

The moral of this story, never take no for an answer and even then don’t wait for a yes!

To adopt a pet please visit: www.adoptapet.com.au.

  • Ben Holmes
    April 14, 2009

    Can i just ask if you found your other half at http://www.adoptapet.com as well? If so i think he may have been crossed with a Ridgeback cos he is rather big.

  • Ami
    April 14, 2009

    Yes, he is rather big for our yard! Maybe I should start a new site called http://www.adoptfatfurryanimals.com.au!

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