When I don’t agree with an Action Groups actions

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glebe-sydney-marketsQuite some time ago we received in the mail a very bright yellow flyer titled ‘How will the markets affect you?’

Apparently there has been a proposal to establish markets in the AWH shed 248-254 Hannell St, Maryville. So as a resident of nearby Wickham we received this totally one-sided flyer from the ‘Maryville Residents’ Action Group’ who are not very happy about the idea of these markets going ahead.

In a nutshell their reason’s are that most of that area is zoned industrial and the markets won’t help the area to one day become ‘residential’. Their bold points and my response:

1. Noise and traffic SEVEN days a week.
There will always be noise and traffic especially on a busy road such as Hannell Street and if you live anywhere near the Caltex depot there’ll be trucks at 3am any day of the week, so sorry if you choose to live there, tough cookies.

2. More parked cars on our already crowded and narrow streets.
I am yet to work out why there would be more parked cars in their narrow streets, surely there will be a carpark within the market grounds. And as a friend pointed out to me, no different if you live near an oval. People park everywhere during soccer/cricket season. Don’t like it, then don’t live there.

3. Difficulty moving in and out of our own homes and suburb.
What difficulty? Only making it difficult for themselves.

4. More homes demolished to make way for more industries.
Who said homes were going to be demolished? No where can I see that homes will be demolished for the markets, so this doesn’t even apply to this subject.

5. Our suburb viewed as ‘just full of industries’ instead of the place where you live and where people are moving to and bringing their families with them.
Once again, if you don’t like the perception of a suburb then DON’T LIVE THERE. Just because there are no markets there it doesn’t mean hoards of families will all of a sudden move to Wickham and Maryville.

6. Our sense of community under threat from the weekend invasion of shoppers going to the markets.
What is this about, really? How does people going to the markets affect a sense of community? I don’t have the words to explain how ridiculous I think this point is. If anything it will enhance a sense of community, with people coming along to the markets with their young families.

7. The Council continuing to pretend that we, the residents, don’t really exist.
The Council WILL ignore you, if you keep making silly points.

Well I’m really happy that they got all that off their chest, because now it’s my turn.

Right, so overall if you hadn’t guessed it already, I think the proposed markets would be a fantastic addition to the Maryville/Wickham area. Currently the site is just sitting there looking some what derelict and a perfect target for little shits to hang out at and graffiti because they have nothing better to do.

The markets would bring the area to life and cement the area as a great inner-city place to live close to town and all the amenities.

Honestly, you think they were proposing a brothel.

  • Matt
    August 4, 2009

    Trust me Ami, as your flowery picture tries to portray, there will be no Home Made Incense sticks and wind chimes sold at a ‘Parklea’ style markets’. One dollar sunglasses, kittens, 8 week old puppy dogs and kebabs certainy will be sold there.

  • Ami
    August 4, 2009

    Matt, I’m sure there will be $1 sunglasses sold there but what’s to say there won’t be home made jam and plants and other things like that. Look at the success of the Honeysuckle markets.

    It would just be nice to see something done with sites like that.

  • Ben
    August 4, 2009

    I would think from other markets in Newcastle, and the space that they have available, it would be a predominantly produce based market. And no matter what markets i have been to around the world there are always $1 Sunglasses, 1 week old puppies, kebabs (and dont forget pluto pups), but thats just part of it. We may not like that sort of thing but others do. I would like to think that the markets in that area would appeal to a broad audience, as there is such a wide demographic living in the area, and in Newcatsle for that matter. I really hope it happens!!!

  • Al
    August 4, 2009

    Ami, you specialise in writing and PR but the thing you don’t specialise in is knowledge and empathy. Add these to your repertoire by going to Maryville and talking to the residents. Your suggestion of ‘Don’t live there,’ is an argument that people resort to as a last resort – especially when they have no understanding of the emotional and financial time and effort people commit to their homes. The residents knew what they were getting into when they bought homes in this area BUT these markets AREN’T allowed there according to the current zoning and it isn’t fair to ‘dump’ it on them now. Let me know when you’d like a guided tour or a chance to meet locals who have lived there for many years. I’m sure you’d find it a valuable contribution to your education.

  • Ami
    August 4, 2009

    Thank you for your comment Al. I do live in the area and do understand the amount of time people put into their homes, I am one of them. We have invested heavily in the area and plan to stay here for some time. But like the Resident’s action group I am also entitled to my opinion.

    If people are genuinely affected then of course I have empathy for them. I was reacting to a very one-sided flyer we received and this blog is about my opinion.

    Thank you for your opinion.

  • Ben
    August 4, 2009

    I also happen to be a resident in this area. I am also heavily involved the industrial and commercial development industry. From a businees perspective i would love that particular block of land as i would put a trucking company or mining parts strorage company on it and clean up. This would mean 24hr Truck movements as it is with the Caltex depot. And with its current zoning the property can be used for this. However, from a residents perspective i think i would much prefer a market, that for one only operates in day light hours, and two takes the industrial feel away from my neighbourhood. So maybe we should all be thinking about what that block of land will be used for if is not a market. It could be far worse.

  • hannah
    August 4, 2009

    I agree with ami’s comments, as i live in maryville i much perfer a market than what there is now on the site,industrial. I hope it is a rumor, that a developer has put a proposal to the owner to make it housing comission if the market proposal fails, cause it would be very easy now for the developer to do it, with most of the residents in maryville saying it should be residential rather than a market.

  • Moggy
    August 5, 2009

    I have read this article along with as many others as i can find on the net and it suprises me just how little thought has been put into the arguments opposing this development. As Ben has suggested has anybody considered what this site has been used for in the past or what it can be used for under its current zoning. Things could get far worse than markets.
    The publicity generated thus far in the media appears to be all negative, but the only people that seem to be interviewed or consulted appear to be a minority from a single age group and demographic. It would be nice if the media actually spoke to those of us who have invested in the area and plan to raise a family and have a future here rather than those who may only be here for a limited time. I apologise for being blunt but it is a fact. We new home buyers, have invested just as much if not more into this area than existing residents. We are the ones responsible for their land value increasing etc. So newcastle media, if you dare, come and speak to the wider audience.

  • Ben
    August 5, 2009

    My point exactly Hannah. If the area isn’t used for markets it really opens the flood gate. From what i understand with the road access etc the only residential type properties that can be put in the are high density.

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