What’s in a name?

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nameWhen naming your baby I’m sure it is different for everyone. Some people have a name or names chosen well in advance, others like to wait to see the baby before making a decision and others have nameless babies for days!

Like most girls I already have numerous names chosen for our future children, but being a Libran I’m not looking forward to having to choose just one!

So as we are all born helpless, our parents are given the privilege of choosing our names, whether we like it or not!

Don’t worry, I’m not about to go on a rant about hating my name, but rather have a little vent about spelling someone’s name. Your name is who you are and how people identify you, which I think is pretty important. So when someone can’t take the time to spell your name correctly frankly it annoys me a little.

Having a 3 letter name shouldn’t be that hard for people to spell, right? Wrong! I quite like the spelling of my name, Ami, but there are so many variations, Amy, Amie, Aimee, that sometimes people don’t take the time to look at how you spell your’s. It always amazes me that when replying to an email some people manage to spell my name wrong. It’s right there in front of them, they just haven’t taken the time to look properly.

So is it my parents fault for not choosing the most popular spelling of my name. In this case, of course not. Some other parents on the other hand should have a good hard look at themselves for the names they give their children.

So at the end of the day, is the end of the world? No. But I do think that I have a right to get annoyed with people who just don’t take the time to notice the little things.

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