What’s holding you back?

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great-ideaI’m sure there’s millions of us everyday that think of something they’d love to develop or create, but just never seem to do it.

I’ve come up with a cracker of business idea, if I do say so myself. What is it? Nope sorry, top secret if I told you I’d have to kill you!

So I’ve got this great idea but am I going to do anything about it?! I’d love to say yes, but I cannot guarantee that in 3 months time I would have got any further than where I am right now; sitting here with a great idea that’s still just that, a great idea.

So what is it that stops us from pursuing our ‘dreams’ or taking the plunge and doing something we’ve always wanted to do?

I can think of a few things.

One: life just gets in the way. We’ve all got busy lives, working, families, working, did I mention working?! And when you finish work at the end of the day/week the last thing you want to do is go home and do more work.

Two: Fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of failing. My great idea would cost a little bit to set-up but if it came off the rewards could be huge. So why don’t I do it? There are no guarantees in life in anything really and that slight possibility that it could go horribly wrong is often just enough to stop people from taking the next step.

Three: Being uneducated. Really when looking at the big picture of my idea I actually know very little if anything about the industry and where I’d actually begin. This lack of information can be a real put off if you don’t even know where to start.

What am I going to do I hear you ask? Well.

One: if everyone with a great idea used the excuse of life’s too busy & never developed their idea then no one would develop anything! So I’m going to suck it up and get over it!

Two: Fear of failing can be a great motivator. If I’m going to take the plunge then I’m going to do it whole-heartedly to make sure that I don’t fail.

Three: Google is your friend! If you can’t find something on Google then you’re not looking hard enough!

So have you got an idea you’ve been sitting on? Go on give it a go, you never know, you might just surprise yourself!

Well, I’m off to Google things until my hearts content. Check back to see if I can make my dream become a reality!

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