What type of parent will you be?

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A Puff Pieces flashback…

Jack the fur-baby

If you’re wondering, get a dog and that’ll give you a pretty good indication!

On the weekend my little fur baby (AKA Jack the dog) was stung by a bee. I quickly jumped into protective Mum mode while other half was calm and checked out his paw, pulled out the sting then gave him a pat and said you’ll be right mate.

I, on the other hand, sat with him on the lounge and made sure he didn’t start having a reaction, then of course gave him lots and lots of cuddles!

Despite the “you’ll be right mate”, the other half was still checking on him and providing some snuggles as well! It made me think, is this an indication of what we will be like as parents?! I’ve always been very relaxed around kids and know that from time to time they’ll get sick or fall and graze their knee but will I be over protective when it’s my own? Short answer, probably!

I can already see who will be the disciplinary!

When Hubby puts Jack outside if he’s done something wrong, as soon as Jack and I have eye contact through the glass door, I’m gone and immediately want to let him in and give him a big cuddle! Yes, sucker, I know!

So have you had pets, then kids and noticed a parenting trend?! Only time will tell for us!

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