• Crisis of confidence…

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    So hubby and I were going out last Saturday night. Saturday morning, I decided I had nothing appropriate to wear. As in NOTHING. We rarely venture out at night, let alone in (nearly) Winter. I had an hour up my sleeve between having friends over & taking the middle child to a birthday party. I walked into Westfield full of hope and was ready to tackle some speed shopping. I literally went into EVERY farking shop in the damn centre. I ended up back at the old faithful Country Road & spent too much time looking at striped tees. Put the stripes down Ami & back away. I tried on a few things. Nothing was right, so I left & wondered if I had some ‘dressy boots’ I’d feel better. Ventured into DJs and was overwhelmed with boots and people, took a deep breath and left.

    Meanwhile I was doing what every gal does, I was madly messaging my BFFs. They were both so kindly throwing their wardrobes at me! I kept thinking I wish I had the time to go over & raid their wardrobes.

    With no outfit plan hanging over my head, I took Ben to his party and tried to forget about my clothing dilemma for 2.5 hours. After the cake had been cut, and party bags handed out, we raced home, I threw Benny out at the bottom of the driveway and headed to Myer. I was going to find some boots & throw an outfit together at home.

    Nothing grabbed me so I headed for the clothes. I grabbed a few dresses and went into change rooms. I tried them on. And then I cried. I sat in the Myer change rooms and cried. I cried because I was tired. I cried because nothing felt or looked right. I cried because over the past year I have put on 10kg. I cried because I actually feel really shitty about myself. I was out of energy and I was out of time.

    Thank goodness for BFFs!

    Thank goodness for BFFs!

    It then dawned on me that one of my BFFs houses was between my place & mums. Emergency message to mum to collect some clothes on her way over to look after the kids.

    I got out of the shower and held my breath. Dear god please let something fit me. And it did. I wanted to cry relieved happy tears, but I already make up on so I kept my shit together.

    We ventured out, I felt pretty good and was comfortable. Downed a quick couple of Moscato’s and was feeling much better.

    But it really dawned on me how important it is to feel good about yourself. My wardrobe has morphed 100% into a ‘mummy wardrobe’. And why shouldn’t it, I am after all a full time mum. But along the way I have completely lost myself. The weight has crept on, and it needs to bugger off. I’m an emotional eater… and the last 12-15 months have certainly been full of some overwhelming emotions.

    No one but myself can kick my butt into gear. I get the polite comments, oh but you look lovely, there’s no way you’ve put on 10kg. Well meaning and lovely. But it’s how I feel in myself. Most of, ok all, my clothes are tight. It’s disheartening and frustrating.

    I’ve started at least 4 times this year on a ‘weightloss journey’ (ugh hate that term!). And who knows if I’ll stick to it this time. Only time will tell.

  • Father’s Day Review: Bright Star Kids!

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    Bright Star Kids t-shirts!

    Bright Star Kids t-shirts!

    If your household is anything like mine, you’ll feel my pain… 3 kids… 2 boys. 2 very active boys. Do your walls get a constant work out? Fingers run along them. Dirty hand prints all over them. CARS ‘driven’ with great gusto across them like they’re tearing down the freeway?

    Stuck for a Father’s Day gift idea this year? Check out the plantwear site and you will find a solution!

    Well thanks to Bright Star Kids the kids can give the walls a rest and ‘drive’ all over dads back (or play the drums if that’s more their style!) with their fantastic Father’s Day t-shirts!

    What I love about this gift is that it involves the kids too!! John enjoyed chilling out and having a car massage! Despite the usual carry on between the kids!!

    Crazy kids!

    Crazy kids!

    My daughters style is more quiet craft, than crazy wall car driving, so she loved chilling out with her dad in her very own personalised t-shirt too!

    The great thing about the clothing is all the different options. From bibs, to onsies to t-shirts. Not to mention all the different designs and colours.

    Plus they’re not just for dad! There are Grandpa options too! And because you personalise it, if your kids don’t have ‘Grandpa’ but maybe ‘Oupa’ or ‘Poppy’ that’s no problems at all. The hardest part is choosing!

    I’ve been fortunate enough to do a few product reviews now with Bright Star Kids. And I’m very happy to report that they’re website is always easy to navigate and should you have any questions their staff are fabulous and friendly.

    So stop trying to think of the perfect Father’s Day gift and run don’t walk to www.brightstarkids.com.au

    Never work with children...!

    Never work with children…!

    The boys enjoying the race track t-shirt!

    The boys enjoying the race track t-shirt!










    Sizing information: I followed the guidelines on the website. John is wearing an XL and to be honest, it’s a little snug which is a shame.

    I would have also liked to see the print slightly further down the t-shirt.

    Sophie is wearing a 6 and it was perfect. She’s currently a size 6/7 in most kids stuff so this was a great fit!

    Links to the products:

    Father’s Day Clothing

    Road Massage t-shirt

    Sophie’s t-shirt

    (This is a sponsored post, thanks to the lovely people at Bright Star Kids who provided us with the 2 t-shirts. All opinions expressed are my own.)

  • I heart Frankie

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    If I was going to have another baby, I’d have a girl, and her name would be Frankie. Given that a fourth child is NEVER happening for us, I’ve bought a little Frankie into my life another way.

    I’m always complaining of sore feet. I’m on them all day. Washing up. Making little people food. Standing up eating at the bench. Hanging out washing. And then there’s the school pick up. Our new routine. It’s a big school. K-12. That’s a lot of cars picking up lots of kids. Which means to get a park near the school you need to arrive ridiculously early!

    And so the walk to the school, 5 days a week, has had my little feet aching more than usual. I know, cry me a river. But when you spend all your time in stupidly flat thongs, I’ve really got no one to blame but myself.

    If only I got to put my feet up all the time!!

    If only I got to put my feet up all the time!!

    Enter Frankie into my life. Frankie4 Footwear that is. OMG. I’ve been eyeing these shoes off for months and months, reading others reviews and raving about them. And now I know why. Goodness, gracious me, are these Frankie’s comfortable!

    I was originally going to get some sandals but the local podiatrist that stocks the brand only had shoes. And apparently comfy lace up shoes can be worn with shorts these days! Styling You and BabyMac say so, so it must be ok!

    And so I’m now the proud owner of a pair of ELLiE’s!

    I’m still contemplating a pair of sandals, if only I could choose which ones!!!!!

    Honestly though, if you’re a busy mum, or just on your feet all the time and would rather stay in your slippers all day… Well these shoes are for you!!

    For all the info and technical stuff behind the shoes you can check out their website HERE.

    This is NOT a sponsored post, more a community service announcement.

    You’re welcome. xx

  • It’s ok to be sad.

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    {Image Source}

    {Image Source}

    I’ve written this post over and over in my head. Wondering if I said it out loud, wrote it down, would it make me feel worse, more guilty, or make me feel better?

    Well there’s only one way to find out, so here goes.

    I’ve been wondering, pondering if you will, what it would be like to answer someone’s polite question with an answer they weren’t expecting. An honest, heartfelt answer that you don’t tend to drop into everyday convo.

    “How was your Christmas?”

    “Oh it was lovely! Busy of course with the kids, and traveling, but so nice to see everyone.”

    You know, it was nice to see everyone. And I’m so thankful that we have families who care, and go to a lot of trouble to get together and make delicious food (my sister in law makes the best stuff at Christmas!).

    But deep down, I didn’t enjoy Christmas. I didn’t enjoy any of the time off my husband had. And right now I’m not really enjoying life.

    And at the heart of all this… I’m tired. I’m really fucking desperately, eyes hanging out of my head tired.

    I don’t want to be told that this too shall pass. I don’t want to be told oh it’s just a phase.

    I want to be told that it’s ok that I wasn’t jumping out of my skin happy during the festive season. I want to be told that it’s ok to be sad. I want to be told that sometimes life is shit. And that it doesn’t mean I’m ungrateful for my family or what we have. It just means that my 1 year old won’t bloody sleep and it’s really affecting our lives at the moment.

    I feel like a failure. I feel like a shit mum. I feel like I just want to curl up in a ball and have a really big fucking cry. And some bloody sleep.

    The other night when I was putting Harry (the 1 year old that doesn’t sleep) to bed, I was holding him after his bottle. His head resting on my shoulder and his little arms wrapped around me. I started to cry. His chubby little hands started to pat me. Then he lifted his head, placed his hand on my cheek and rubbed his nose on mine and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

    In that very moment everything was ok, and nothing else mattered.

    And in the end everything will be ok. We don’t all always enjoy our ‘jobs’ all of the time. And there is no more demanding, yet rewarding job than being a parent.

    So how do I feel after getting it out of my head? Still tired. Still sad. But I do know that it’s not forever.

    It won’t be long before it’s me dragging the little darlings out of bed.

  • Dear Sophie…

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    To my dearest Sophie Grace,

    Welcome to the world Sophie Grace!

    Welcome to the world Sophie Grace!

    It seems like only yesterday that I met your chubby little face for the first time, and we went from being a couple to a little family.

    And now here we are, in just a matter of weeks, you’ll be starting big school.

    BIG SCHOOL! I still can’t quite believe it.

    Each night as I tip toe down the hall and check on everyone before I go to bed, I kiss your gorgeous little face, still so young and innocent and realise we’re another day closer to your big first day.

    I know that you are more than ready to embark on this next exciting chapter of your little life.

    So many new things to learn, so many new people to meet, and so many new friends to make.

    You really are going to LOVE school! I can just feel it in my bones.

    First day of preschool!

    First day of preschool!

    And so here we are, with just one more week of preschool left.

    I’ll never forget your first day. This wide eyed gorgeous kid, with curly locks and beautiful little round face.

    You started to cry, and Nadine scooped you up for a hug. I held it together, held it together, held it together, reached the gate, and burst into tears.

    I cried the whole way home, and spent the day counting down the hours, minutes, until it was time to collect you!

    It’s hard to believe that was nearly 3 years ago.

    I am so proud of the sweet, kind, funny and all round spectacular little human being that you are growing into.

    So grown up!

    So grown up!


    And I’m so proud to be your mum.

    So go get ‘em Soph. What an exciting new chapter we’re all about to begin.

    I love you.

    Mum xx

  • ENVY Jewellery Giveaway!

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    I’m very excited to announce the latest What mum wore giveaway…

    Envy Jewellery is an Australian owned company with consultants Australia wide. Envy has an affordable range that uses exceptionally high quality gemstones, Swarovski crystals, stainless steel and ion plated rose gold and gold technology.

    I’ve been lucky enough to view part of the range, and have already purchased a few gorgeous pieces for myself!

    And thanks to Bree who is now showcasing Envy Jewellery across the Hunter Valley, you can win a stunning piece of your own!

    All you need to do is ‘Like’ Bree’s Facebook page, click HERE and leave a comment as to which piece you’d like to win.

    1. Live, Love, Leaf earrings
    2. Gold oval hoop it up earrings
    3. Gliterrati Crystal Black Bracelet
    4. Crystalised Pink Bracelet

    Oh the decisions!

    Oh the decisions!


    Competition is open to Australian residents only. Only one entry per person. Competition opens Monday 7th December and closes at 9am on Friday 11th December. Winner will be chosen by random.org and announced here and on Facebook on Friday morning. The winner will also be notified by email.

    To view the full ENVY Jewellery lookbook just click HERE.

    Happy choosing and GOOD LUCK!!

  • Breaking up is hard to do…

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    Break ups are never easy. Should I, shouldn’t I. How will the other person react? But in this relationship it is completely one sided and I was the only one with the angst.

    It pains me to say that it’s time for Mia Freedman and I to break up. Well myself and her websites anyway!

    For years I admired Mia (I still do) and hung on every word she wrote daily on her website, a blog essentially. I bought her books, I kept track of her tweets. I loved her sense of humour that came through in HER writing and I loved that she wasn’t afraid to say the word fuck.

    Long live blogging!

    Long live blogging!

    There were the haters, but they were easily ignored as she continued to pump out great content for us all to read.

    But then it changed. Mamamia slowly but surely grew. And grew. And grew. Until Mia was no longer blogging, she was running a ‘women’s network corporation’ and no doubt taking home a tidy pay packet.

    She’s ambitious, and clearly successful and who could begrudge that.

    But I started to tire of the repetitive posts, the anonymous housewife cheating on her husband, the comparing of Duchess Kate to Princess Mary.

    And the one that finally moved my mouse to click Unlike…. Calling Rebel Wilson out for lying about her age.

    C’mon Mia… You’ve spent your whole career championing ‘girl power’ and then you publicly diss Rebel, our Rebel, about her real age and real name. Who the fark cares!

    And so when the latest Mamamia announcement was made this week that the multiple sites they run would be consolidated and Mamamia would be branching out into ‘consultancy’ because blogging and specifically “mummy blogging” is dead, I found myself shaking my head like perplexed mother does when their child does or says something ridiculous.

    I actually completely beg to differ when it comes to personal blogs. I’m enjoying them more than ever. I’d much rather read about Mrs Woog throwing a tennis ball at a cat, or watching BabyMac recreate a scene from Masterchef. (Both hilarious and highly recommended reading & viewing!)

    Why? Because it’s real. They/we open up our lives. Bloggers share their stories, their lives, their families. We relate. We cry. We laugh. Together.

    So while it pains me to declare to my once idol, (who obviously doesn’t give a hoot about me!!!), Mia I’m just not that into you anymore, I am enjoying people’s personal blogs more than ever.

    Long live blogging.

  • Day 30: Thank you and it’s not goodbye…

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    Day 30, thank you

    Day 30, thank you

    Day 30, the final day of the What Mum wore challenge! Time certainly does fly when you’re having fun!

    First things first… Today I’m wearing Country Road pants, Bohemian Traders top, Basque cardi, Betts sandals and DribbleGems necklace.

    And so here we are. 30 days, 30 outfits (a couple of reruns!) and thankfully not a pair of trackies in sight!

    I’d like to thank everyone who checked out the pics and played along at home. God this sounds like an Oscar speech!!

    Thank you to those that let me know I had inspired them to make an effort and that it made them feel better about themselves.

    That’s what this was all about.

    Thank you so much to the lovely ladies who donated prizes for the giveaways!

    Sharee from Norwex: Keeping Clean
    Lisa from Style At Your Fingertips (Jamberry)
    Filz Inc.

    So a few things I’ve learnt…

    – Despite buying a few new spring/summer items, I actually had more clothes to wear than I thought!

    – Throwing on some beads, and a bit of make up can jazz up any outfit and your mood!

    – If you look good, you feel good.

    – My kids like to pose!

    – When you’re a stay at home mum with 3 crazy kids, you can sometimes feel like you’re not your own person anymore. You’re someones mum. By making an effort with what I wore I started to feel like me again.

    – The best compliments come from your kids… On Sunday when I got dressed and Benny saw me he said: “Wow. My like your dress mum.” Total heart melt!

    While I’m looking forward to a few make up free days and not having to worry about taking my photo, I’m not quite ready to completely give up What Mum wore! It’s a great motivator!

    If you’ll have me, I’d like to continue to post, but not everyday! My wardrobe isn’t that extensive and exciting, but I’ll definitely keep posting!

    Thanks again for coming along for the 30 day What Mum wore ride!

  • Day 29: Filz Inc Winner!

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    Day 29

    Day 29

    Day 29, and a very big congratulations to Leah Kiem, winner of the Filz Inc necklace!

    Today I’m wearing Katies jumper, Maternal America jeans, Betts shoes and DribbleGems necklace.

    Although judging by the forecast I could be in for a costume change as the day warms up!

    Thanks so  much to everyone who entered the final giveaway.

    Day 30 tomorrow…!

  • Day 28: Today is?

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    Day 28

    Day 28

    Day 28, anyone else lose track of the days when it’s school holidays?!

    I believe it’s Monday…! And thankfully it’s a gorgeous sunny day.

    It’s nice to have a change from all the rain.

    Today I’m wearing Country Road pants and knit (a few years old), Target singlet underneath, DribbleGems necklace and Betts shoes.

    I hope the sun is shining wherever you are!

    Don’t forget to enter the Filz Inc comp to win a gorgeous necklace: ENTER HERE!

    See you tomorrow!

  • Day 27: Filz Inc Giveaway!

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    Day 27, new Witchery dress

    Day 27, new Witchery dress

    Day 27, and with this cooler weather not letting up, I’ve decided to wear my new Witchery dress anyway!

    Paired with black leggings and Country Road boots.

    I think it’ll look better with sandals and sunnies, so hopefully spring turns on some warmer weather soon!!

    And as we near the end of the 30 days, I’ve got one last giveaway for you!

    My lovely friend started Filz Inc a few years ago and I was lucky enough to add some of her original necklaces to my wardrobe.

    Since then her jewellery has evolved and now includes lots of gorgeous and original styles!


    And of course I have one of those gorgeous necklaces* to giveaway!!

    Filz Inc Necklace

    Filz Inc Necklace

    All you need to do it comment ‘yes please’ on this post or on a What Mum wore FB post from today until 9am Tuesday!

    Competition closes Tuesday 29th September at 9am. Winner will be chosen by random.org. Entrants must be Australian Residents.

    Good luck! And be sure to check out Filz Inc on Facebook HERE.

    I’m off to a Tupperware party! Enjoy your Sunday!

    *Please note, prize necklace may differ slightly to the one pictured.

  • Day 26: Hot date!

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    Day 26, my hot date

    Day 26, my hot date

    Day 26, the 26th September and today is mine and hubby’s 6th wedding anniversary!

    But it’s not John that is my hot date! It’s none other than my oldest son, Ben!

    Benny and I are off to the Playschool concert, a milkshake and a donut, and then a trip to Bunnings.

    This kid will be in heaven!

    26th September 2009

    26th September 2009

    Wearing Maternal America jeans, Birdkeepers tank top from Birdsnest, Rare Rabbit necklace, Basque cardigan, and Betts shoes.

    Thought I’d share some wedding pics too!

    Have a great Saturday!