Wedding words of wisdom

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brideIt’s been a while since I ranting on about planning a wedding so I’ve decided to share some Wedding Words of Wisdom with you!

It’s now only 65 days until I say goodbye to Ami Holder and hello to Mrs Ami Streeter and I’m guessing that time is about to start flying! All in all things are pretty much organised (touch wood), but what the last 7 or so months has taught me, is that no matter how organised you think you are or how simple you think your wedding is, you will still get flustered and have the odd Bridezilla moment!

It is so hard not to get emotional when planning your wedding, it is without a doubt “one of the biggest days of your life”. But I think and hope what I’ve mostly tried to do is treat the planning of the wedding in quite a business like manner. Naturally I’m quite organised. I like my organised folders full of paper work and beautifully coloured spreadsheets so that side of the business like organisation was a piece of cake. Not trying to get too emotional during meetings on the other hand was a little harder.

My advice is to get all the negative thoughts and emotional outbursts out of the way prior to any catch ups with your suppliers, event venue etc, that way you can go in with clear head, a business head! Use your future husband to get it all out, isn’t that what he’s there for!

Get everything in writing, ask questions if you’re not sure and speak up if you’re not happy. Don’t worry about sounding like you’re asking for too much, just ask the question, it can’t hurt. And one thing I’ve had to keep reminding myself, at the end of the day, it is only ONE day, albeit a very important one!

And take this little story with you, our wedding reception venue said to me, we won’t be doing anymore weddings after yours!! Hmmmm was it something I said!!

  • Ben Holmes
    July 22, 2009

    As i hope to be a husband someday i’m not too sure if i like the idea of being used as a venting tool when the people that deserve it get a polite business manner!!

  • Ami
    July 22, 2009

    Haha, have u been taking future husband lessons from a fat rabbit!

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