Wedding industry people, listen up.

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bridezilla21If you’re new to Puff Pieces, welcome! If you’re not, then you would definitely know by now that in about, oh, 3 1/2 weeks I’m getting married!!

We’ve had a few little hiccups along the way, but nothing TOO major and I think I’ve managed to keep my Bridezilla moments to a minimum, and always in private!

Then last week we turned up at our caterer’s for our taste test. Our tummy’s were rumbling and our mouth’s were drooling and then we were told that the lady wasn’t there and neither were any chef’s.

The lovely lady that WAS there, checked in the diary and there it was plain and simple our wedding taste test booking.

To say I was a little pissed off was an understatement, but I kept my cool as the lady tried to contact the owner with no luck. So we re-scheduled for this week.

I was quite proud that I kept my disgust to myself while in the shop, and only really made one sarcastic remark about ‘well I hope everything will ok on our wedding day’ to which the lady of course reassured me it would.

So as we walked to the car I got more and more annoyed, and of course vented quite strongly to the future hubby.

The next day I expected a phone call from the owner apologising and offering an excuse, but to my surprise, well actually no not really surprised, there was no phone call. So I called earlier this week and the owner wasn’t there, but I spoke to the other lady who assured me everything was fine for this week.

So where is all this whinging going. Well. It got me thinking that people in the customer service industry who deal with brides, and grooms need to remember just how important this day is to us. Now I am slightly stressing about our catering and hoping all will be ok on the day, because they have left me with little confidence if they can’t even get their butts organised for a tasting for 2 people.

I feel like now that I should have asked the lady on the phone what happened last week and then I think, you know what; I just couldn’t be bothered, and we’ll wait and see what happens this tonight.

So. Do you think it is unreasonable to expect people to go above and beyond for your wedding day. Or is it asking too much for just a little extra effort?

Personally I think people in the wedding industry or those that are involved with weddings need to sometimes go that extra mile when it’s needed, and do their absolute best to minimise any stuff up’s. I remember when I requested a site meeting with the event company for our ceremony set-up and they initially declined until I pointed out how the hell would they know how it is to be set-up! (Sounds like a whole other Puff Piece all on its own!) Honestly wedding industry people, remember you’re dealing with BRIDES!. Oh dear I feel the Bridezilla surfacing, time to go!

So tell me what you think…..

  • Belinda
    September 2, 2009

    Ami, you are not a bridezilla!! Trust me, I know one right now and it ain’t pretty haha..
    Seriously though, the least someone can do, in any industry, is keep an appointment?!?!?!
    Dealing with brides, you’d think they’d keep on top of everything – I would hate to cross the path of an angry bridezilla!
    Good on you for keeping your cool and all the best for the wedding!!!

  • Ami
    September 2, 2009

    Thanks Belinda! Hopefully there won’t be a Bridezilla attack tonight and we can have our tasting this week!

    And I agree, you should expect people to keep their appointments in any industry.

  • Ben
    September 2, 2009

    Ami i think with the extra mark up these companies put on their prices as soon as the word “wedding” is mentioned they should definitely go the extra mile and then some. I dont think you are asking too much at all. In fact if you booked a tasting for any reason let alone a wedding i would expect somebody to turn up!!

  • Ami
    September 2, 2009

    Yeah good point on the mark up when the ‘W’ word is mentioned!!

    Well we’ll find out in a couple of hours if it’s 2nd time lucky for the tasting!

    Stay tuned….

  • Kerryn
    September 3, 2009

    Its something I’ve been saying to a lot of people. Once wedding industry businessess (may god strike me down if I am ever one) get too big they forget about customer service, they forget to think about the customers needs and that the devil is in the details. They know that once they have your desposit and as the wedding gets closer you have no option but to use them, and unfortunately they learn that weddings = wads of cash. Its sad how such a happy day can be manipulated by bad experiences

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