We have our dishes & towels for 2…

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We have pots & pans, and oven mitts too. So what do you get for the Bride & Groom whose house is setup in every room?

No matter what type of wedding you are planning there are always going to be tricky situations when you may just offend someone. Not because you are a mean person, but weddings just seem to provide a plethora of situations where you just don’t know what to do. gift

Take the whole gift registry / wishing well argument. For those who don’t know a wishing well seems to be quite a new thing for weddings where couples ask for just money instead of gifts. I always thought that we would have a wishing well at our wedding. I’ve lived out of home for nearly 8 years now and future hubby he’s, well he’s much older and has lived out of home for oh nearly 21 years! So as I’m sure you can imagine we both have enough stuff to more than fill our house.

We have had mixed reactions to the question of money over gifts. Some don’t mind either way, other’s believe that giving a gift is much more personal and don’t like giving money and other’s can see the practical side of money.

I too like the idea of a gift from someone, however when sitting down to think of things to put on a gift registry I found my list somewhat blank.

Our house is full of everything we need and I wouldn’t like to put things on a list just for the sake of it. So I hear you ask, well what would we do with money instead? Glad you asked! Plenty of things! Currently we’re about to extend our house, not a cheap little exercise. And instead of a guft registry we could use the money to buy things for the bedroom and bathroom as we find them, possibly all at different stores.

medium-wishing-wellOriginally I wanted to say no gifts or money. The fact that people have made an effort to come to your wedding, with many people having to travel, I truly believe is gift enough, but once again we are back at that yucky place of possibly offending someone.

So, where to from here? Good question! Thankfully I have oh roughly 10 weeks to decide before the invites go out!
Oh the joys of planning a wedding!

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  • Catherine
    April 26, 2009

    Do whatever you want to honey!

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