Wall Stickers: The coolest playroom of them all!

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When I first walked into my husbands house I immediately nicknamed it the museum. Lots of white walls, minimal furniture, minimal photos, as in 1, minimal everything. Yes he is indeed a minimalist Architect! After 8 weeks of dating I officially moved in. Slowly I increased the number of photos around the house and we even bought a few more pieces of furniture for more stuff to be put in and for more photo frames to be placed on. Then we got a dog, got married and then we had a baby. Without a doubt, the architect’s museum house has now well and truly become a home.

When we decided to turn our single garage into a kids rumpus room I was beyond excited. Finally, I thought, I can get my hands on one room in the house and go nuts on the decorating. Turned out hubby had other ideas. You see, remember all those white walls I mentioned? Well it seems my darling husband is allergic to coloured paint. So painting the rumpus room was a no go. I should have known, we had the same argument over the nursery.

Instead around the house hubby has caved and nailed holes in the wall for canvas photos.

So after the paint dream was yet again squashed I decided to turn on my negotiating skills. Wall Stickers I thought! Fun, removable, changeable, perfect for a kids play room and perfect for the architect who I’m sure deep down misses his museum. (Not that he’d give us up for anything!)

Hmmm, which wall stickers shall we choose?!

So after I did a review on Bright Star Kids great name labels, I mentioned that I’d be back on their website later in the year to choose some wall stickers. They very generously offered me a discount to try the wall stickers out so I could then tell you all about them!

I already had my eye on the one’s I was thinking but decided to peruse the website again just to make sure. There are so many to choose from, some lovely and girly, some perfect for the boys, but I needed something in between. While it’s just Sophie’s playroom at the moment, when we decide to have another baby, you never know we may have a boy and I didn’t want him to be stuck hanging out in a fairy playroom because his mummy went nuts on the girly stuff!

YAY! My wall stickers are here!

I wanted something fun, funky and colourful. And that’s exactly what I found with the gorgeous Polka Dots. I chose the bright colours pack for the playroom, but they also come in beautiful pastel colours too. So I hopped on the website last Monday to place my order. Once again the online ordering system is easy peasy. And on Wednesday, yes Wednesday our wall stickers arrived!! Clearly my excitement was contagious as you can see Sophie in the pic when I showed her when they arrived!

I was itching to put them up straight away but we didn’t have the toy storage furniture yet. But as soon as we got home from Ikea on Saturday and hubby had put all the furniture together and Sophie was tucked up in bed, I was straight into the stickers! They were so easy to apply. To be honest I was a little nervous about things like air bubbles but as soon as I’d applied the first, I was away. The stickers themselves feel lovely, they’re like a fabric, and you just smooth down as you go.

The finished product!

We opted for the random squiggly line look as you can see and we’re so happy with the results. They look great on the white wall and match in perfectly with the colourful Ikea toy tubs! Apart from the pink car and tea set, this playroom could definitely be for a girl or a boy. Exactly what we wanted!

Matching height chart!

I also purchased a matching height chart for when Sophie is a bit older, or will stand still for more than 2 seconds! I highly recommend reading the instructions before putting it up, it made it a lot easier. And you’ll definitely need 2 of you. I’m blaming the slight crookedness of our’s on my impatience to get it done after a long day and it was getting late! But once again, it felt lovely, not cheap and sticky and it comes with these gorgeous little height markers so you don’t have to draw on your walls or doors. We used the height markers to position the chart as recommended and when we removed them, not one bit of paint came off the door. (A relief as I had assured hubby no paint would be damaged in the making of the playroom!)

So there you have it folks, Sophie’s funky playroom. By far the coolest room in the house! Head HERE to Bright Star Kids to check out all their awesome stuff for yourself!

Disclosure: I received the wall stickers at a discounted rate thanks to Bright Star Kids. No financial payment was offered nor accepted for this post. All opinions expressed are my own.

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