To follow or not to follow? That is the question.

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I was introduced to the micro-blogging site Twitter a few months back by my fellow Sticky Thinkers here at Sticky Advertising. It didn’t take long before I became slightly hooked and started building up a list of interesting people I was following.

While my current following count only sits at 207 I find myself struggling to keep up with all the interesting (and sometimes not so interesting) things that people have to say. I often spend the early morning or early eveing going back through the tweets to make sure I haven’t missed anything exciting. (No I don’t have a life!!!)

This has lead me to ask the question that when someone follows you and you don’t necessarily want to follow them back is that rude? I was once told that it’s polite to follow people back, but if someone asked me to be friends on Facebook and I didn’t know them or like them then I’d say no, so why should it be any different here.

Another friend mentioned that they actually did a Twitter cull. What a great idea I thought, but will anyone notice or be offended? There are plenty of online etiquette things around but at the end of the day surely if I don’t want to know about such and such’s tweets then I shouldn’t have to? Right? Maybe, who knows.

You very rarely hear people these days ‘complaining’ they have too much time on their hands, it’s always the opposite. So if I don’t want to have to scroll through tweets that I don’t want to read then maybe I won’t!

So for the sake of being polite do I just shut up and spend an extra 5 minutes getting to the tweets I do want to read or take the selfish road?
We’ll see…

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