Tiger, Tiger, Tiger.

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1259757347_1So Tiger Woods had an affair. Or affairs. Or alleged affairs. Whatever you want to call it, the married father of 2 couldn’t keep it in his pants. When the SA Premier had an affair with a married woman (he was single) I honestly couldn’t have cared less even if I tried. When Jude Law cheated on Sienna Miller, hmmm nope, care factor still zero.

But here we have a man, one of the world’s greatest sportsmen, who promotes the squeaky clean holier than thou image, and for some strange reason I feel oddly disappointed in him, and very sorry for his wife and children.

This whole situation couldn’t be further from having anything to do with me, or anyone else in the world, for that matter, except his family of course. But still, here I am interested in how this story will continue to unfold. Will Elin leave him? Will she stick it out for the sake of the kids? Will Tiger learn to zip his pants up? And overall, Tiger what the hell were you thinking in the first place? Were you bored with your pregnant wife? Were you rebelling against years of having to uphold your perfect image?

Oh sigh. Whatever the reasons and the end of the day the only thing this proves is that Tiger Woods is human. It certainly doesn’t make it an excuse.

Well now that I’ve had my little disappointed mum-like rant, what do you think?

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