Those questions…

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Questions start early on in life about your ‘next step’. So you get yourself a boyfriend, people ask how its going. It goes well and you move in together. Then the engagement questions begin. You have the ring on your finger, when’s the big day? Five minutes after your wedding, so you planning kids soon? You’re pregnant, what names have you picked? You’ve barely mastered the first baby, so when are you planning baby number 2? And so on, you get my drift.

I think it’s just human nature for us to ask questions and naturally people are curious. But sometimes I’m a little taken a back at all the questions.

I think Sophie was about 3 months old when I was first asked when we were thinking about adding another member to the family. I couldn’t see past managing to get a shower in before 4pm let alone have another baby!

I’m a chatty kind of person and don’t usually have a problem answering random questions, especially of course if they’re coming from a friend, but I find myself being very careful when it comes to asking other people questions. What if someone can’t have children or doesn’t want to get married. It could make for a very awkward situation!

Are you a ‘those questions’ asker? Or how do you handle ‘those questions’?

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