This is what it all Boyle’s down to…

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…Pardon the pun! I haven’t yet written anything on Susan Boyle but I thought she was quite appropriate given my last piece on creating your own opportunities.

Susan has certainly got out there and creating one hell of an opportunity for herself, and good on her! Like millions of others around the world, her first performance blew me away. I shared in her satisfaction when she opened her mouth and that beautiful voice came out which quickly shut many of the audience members up who had sniggered and rolled their eyes before Susan sang.

Now as I’m sure you all saw on last nights news, and current affairs shows, Susan was back, and after a little shaky start (who wouldn’t be nervous) she once again blew everyone away. A classic case of never judge a book by its cover!

But having said all that Susan copped her fair share of criticism. I originally started typing this with the view just to post her performance here, but seen as I’m on a roll I’ll keep going. So first it was “the never been kissed” backlash, then came the style police and when she did “dress up” or wack a bit of make up on and venture out she was said to have been trying too hard. My gosh what a silly world we live in sometimes.

Thankfully most of the negativity has died down and she can get back to wowing everyone, which is exactly what she did last night – with a little bit of make up this time! GO SUSAN!

  • Ben
    May 26, 2009

    It is a shame isn’t it. But fortunately i think it is a minority that are actually negative about people like Susan. Unfortunately, that minority are usually “the beautiful people” and we put them in positions where that negativity can be broadcast. Most of us wish anybody with any type of talent in any type of form all the best and hope they suceed. Or am i just being completely nieve about human nature?

  • Ami
    May 28, 2009

    I’d like to think that most of us wish talented people or even just everyday ordinary people all the best.

    I think the negative people are often the jealous people who can’t be happy for others. Human nature is a funny thing!

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