These are a few of my favourite things… or apparently not

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confused-baby1Planning a wedding (yes I’m back on the wedding) can be fun, stressful, exciting, stressful, you get the drift. But strangely enough planning our wedding has also made me a little surprised at myself.

If I was asked what some of my favourite things are by way of colours, flowers etc it would very easy for me to answer, pink and tiger lillies. Not so strange I know, however when planning the wedding for some reason I didn’t want pink or tiger lillies!

Before you ask was I ‘allowed’ to have pink I was actually. But only if it was hot pink! (How that’s more manly I don’t know). But still I wasn’t interested. I didn’t want tiger lillies either, just nice simple elegant white bouquets.

I guess I find the whole thing slightly strange because your wedding day is one day that is totally about you and your future hubby/wife yet I’m not going to have the things I normally love and am sometimes defined by. (It’s pretty well known I like pink, yes just look at this website!).

I have come up with some reasons:

  • Pink was really obvious
  • Everyone has tiger lillies – well a lot recently anyway
  • Maybe one day I’ll grow out of the current things I love & I’ll want to look back at my wedding photos & see a nice elegant wedding.

So what did I end up with. You’ll just have to wait and see.

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