The week that was…

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the_week_that_wasSo I thought the best way to get back into the swing of things was to a week that was! As well as having the lovely Flu, I also sadly had to go to my Grandfather’s funeral. So I’m afraid to say there wasn’t much brain power left for intelligent thoughts and opinions, but of course I still managed to come up with a few!

So here is the week that was!

Monday – spent all day in bed snuggled up with the best hot water bottle in the world, yep you guessed it my puppy Jack!

Tuesday – quick trip to the office before flying to QLD. Happy Birthday to my little (much taller) brother who turned the ripe old age of 23!!

Wednesday – Funeral. People always say that family only seem to wait to get together for Weddings & Funerals. Well how is this: I met family I had never met before on Wednesday. 2nd and 3rd cousins, who were so friendly it was like we’d all known each other for years! There is now talk of a ‘cousins reunion’ and being able to meet up and to get to know each other at a much happier time.

Thursday – time to fly home and what an experience airports always seem to be. My little topic for venting actually occurred at the end of the flight at Newcastle Airport while I was waiting for my bag. (Something can be said for packing lightly and just taking cabin luggage!) Anyway so I saw my bag coming around and as I approached the conveyar belt, I politely said to a man excuse me may I get through, as he was blocking me from collecting my bag. Not only did he not move but he seemed to make some sort of grunting noise too. Rude much? Absolutely. So I pushed me way through grabbed my bag and accidently knocked him when I pulled my bag off. He was not impressed, and frankly neither was I with his behaviour.

What is it with people these days. Where have all the nice polite people gone? Thankfully my faith in humanity was restored as I started walking away I saw a young girl probably in her mid teens ask an old lady if she needed help collecting her bag. Thank you, young girl, I was beginning to worry that I had missed the memo on non existent airport etiquette.

Friday – so here we are, Friday, and very special Happy Birthday to my friend Leanne!! Today we also celebrate Fat Friday. I am yet to post a little puff piece on Fat Friday so I thought now was a good a time as any! Here at Sticky Advertising there has been the long running tradition of Fat Friday (yes I’m afraid it’s EVERY Friday) which consists of most of us devouring a Chicken Schitzel on turkish bread with numerous different fillings! Yes I realise that I am getting married soon, but hey, what is velcro for if yu can’t use it to expand your wedding dress so you can keep eating Fat Friday!

And now I am looking forward to taking our gorgeous little niece to Disney on Ice, Princess Wishes on Sunday. Don’t worry you can expect a full Princess report on Monday!

So there you have it, the week that was.

How was your week? Any interesting tales or delicious lunches?!

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  • Ben
    July 17, 2009

    Glad to have you back Ami. I have been far less articulant and knowledgable in your absence.

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