The Santa Photo

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When it comes to kids, in my experience the quicker you get things done, the better. The grocery shopping. Brushing the knots out of your 2 year olds hair. Changing their nappy. And most importantly at this time of year, the Santa photo.

Take 1 of Sophie and Ben’s Santa photo was what you’d call a slight disaster. Sophie cried, I jumped up and down trying to make her smile, and Ben sat asleep in Santa’s arm oblivious to the carry on. After numerous tries, I gave up and said we’d come back another day. Now we only had numerous tries because it was a Wednesday afternoon and there was no queue.

My new plan of attack was a family photo. Sophie would hopefully be happy to sit on her Dad’s lap and not freak out too much at the big red man sitting next to her. The only problem with this plan? We’d have to go on a weekend. So this morning we braved Westfield, a feat in itself with an 8 week old, a 2 year old and only 3 weeks till Christmas. The line at the David Jones Santa was a lot shorter than the one in the shopping centre so we opted for that one. It was 9.50am so I figured all good only 10 minutes till Santa arrives and we’ll be in and out in no time. Boy was I WRONG.

Family Santa Photo!

So the first group of people consisted of a mum and her 3 kids, aged from about 5-12. Apparently it was their personal photo shoot and the rest of us didn’t get that memo. The mum must have jumped up 5 times to check the photos and then sit back down to re-pose.

Patience already wearing thin, not to mention the line was now a mile long. Next group was even worse. Apparently they were having their own personal photo shoot too and required numerous different combinations of kids, with mum’s, without mum’s, with dad, without dad, and did I mention ALL the kids were screaming. Then of course they had to review all their photos. One by one they checked out the photos, holding up the next group from having their pic taken, totally oblivious to how many people they were holding up and how bloody long they were taking.

Thankfully the next 2 groups were quick and we were up. It was now 10.50am. Yep a whole hour! So a quick perch on Santa’s lap a few snaps, a girl waving and calling out to Sophie and we were done. Less than 5 minutes. And that’s how it’s done.

Don’t get me wrong I know every parent wants the perfect Santa photo and we seem to be paying big bucks for the Christmas happy snap, but eventually some common sense and courtesy needs to prevail.

So after making it through the 2012 Santa photo relatively unscathed, we did what all good parents do… Followed through on our bribe and bought Sophie a chocolate milkshake and donut. Whatever it takes!

Merry Christmas!

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