The pressure of a name!

Choosing baby names.

Choosing a name for your baby is a huge responsibility. Ginormous in fact. This is the name that your future child will have For. The. Rest. Of. Their. Lives. Yeah, no pressure at all!

When Hubby and I were on our way to pick up our new puppy from the RSPCA, we literally decided in about 2 minutes that he was going to be called Jack. That was seriously the quickest thing we’ve ever agreed on. That, and I’m the best wife in the world. No arguments there. Smart boy. Anyway, sorry, I digress.

So Jack was Jack in a heartbeat, but when it comes to naming an actual human being it’s quite a different story. Like most girls I picked future baby names out long ago, just like we start planning our weddings when we’re about 10 years old.

In the first few weeks of being pregnant I of course instantly started running some of my baby names past Hubby to guage how many of my negotiating skills I was going to have to call on to get my own way. Let’s just say I thought I was going to have to pull out everything I’ve got, as in a heartbeat most of my girl faves were met with the reply, NO, and I don’t think so. It goes something like this:

Me: What about Audrey*?
Hubby: No.
Me: But….
Hubby: (Butting in), I said no.
Me: Well what about Ingrid*?
Hubby: Definitely No. And then some explicitives about bad that name is, and how our child will be teased in the playground.

See what I’m up against! The other problem I’m having, as if a disagreeing Husband wasn’t enough, is that I’m really really crap at making decisions. That’s right, I’m a Libra! I can’t decide what to have for breakfast on the best of days let alone name another human being! If I had to name a baby 10 years ago it would have been Lili or Olivia for a girl and probably Brandon for a boy. I still love the girls names, but not really the boy’s name. So what happens in another 10 years time. Will I still like the names I gave my children? Oh, the drama of it.

Initially it seemed that boys were easier to name than girls. We, well I, had boy’s names coming out of my ears, and for the most part we tended to agree. But coming up with girls names? Well I’d rather try and cut my dogs toenails! Having said that we’ve now probably got 3 boys names and 2 girls names which is making choosing a girls name much easier! Oh how the tables have turned!

I’m thinking though that at 24 weeks Hubby’s just getting warmed up with his opinion! I’m sure he’s got a secret list stashed somewhere.

How did you choose your child/children’s names? Did you just know, or was it a hard decision?

*Not the real names. Names for demonstration purposes only.

  • Gordon Whitehead
    June 22, 2010

    What about Fat Rabbit jnr for a boy after dad?

  • Meredith @ thinkthinks
    June 22, 2010

    We used to drive back and forth between Newcastle & Sydney a lot when I was pregnant with our eldest. Trips down the F3 were great for working out baby names. We started at A and would each come up with a name (boy’s and girl’s) for that letter – then right down through the alphabet.

    If someone said one they liked, the other had power of veto.

    My best recommendation is also check the top 50 lists for the last few years, and try to avoid them. My daughter’s name is uncommon (but not unusual), and she is the only one in her school of 600 kids. Makes her feel pretty special.

  • Thea
    June 22, 2010

    We didn’t know what we were having with either. Our first was going to be Isabella Grace (my grandma’s name) and it was so hard coming up with a boy’s name. My husband didn’t like any of my suggestions yet came up with none of his own. I remember sitting in the car one day firing off names at him and his response was, “No” “No” “No” “No”…..argh….frustrating.
    Isaac was one of those names. When I brought it up again a few weeks later (because I’ve always loved Isaac) he said he liked it but he didn’t like Zac, I said we didn’t have to call him Zac…he’s never been called Zac, he is Isaac.
    For our second I still loved Isabella Grace but it was too popular by then…I saw Ava Gardiner on TV one day and asked my husband if he like Ava. He said yes and that was it. She’s Ava Grace Isabella. Thank God she was a girl because she would have been Abraham if she was a boy…I liked Abe but wasn’t totally sold on Abraham.
    Whoa…long comment…sorry! :)

  • Jodie at Mummy Mayhem
    June 22, 2010

    Oh, AMI! This is the hard bit!

    With our first son, we knew from even waaaay before we got pregnant what we wanted as a boys’ name. So that was easy. But with No.2…not so much. We both wanted different names, and we spent the whole 9 mths working on it. Then the 6yo was born, and we still hadn’t come to an agreement. Two days before I was due to leave hospital, I sent Hubby home to go back to the Internet and try again. He came in with a loooong list of names, the one on top being a name I had suggested and REALLY liked, but he had shot down. We went with that name in the end. (He still thinks he thought of it, so this is an ongoing argument!)

    I joked with Hubby that it was so hard to find a name, that we may just have to go with his main choice if we had a third boy. And we did! By then, I’d gotten used to the name, but even when I said, “Right…we’re calling him [3yo’s name]” he was like, “Well…I dunno…” AAAGHHH! I got my way though, and that was that.

    As for a girl’s name, we would have gone with Greta had we had a girl. I like girls names that can be cute when they’re young, but then can then sound womanly. That’s just me. Everyone has their thing. My friend wanted “strong sounding names” for her boys, cos she didn’t want them teased. Even though she likes my boys names, she would *never* have used them herself. For example, even her brother’s name “Daniel” wouldn’t be strong enough – she’d rather “Dan.” But that’s just her.

    You’ll find it. Good luck!!! xxx

  • Jane
    June 22, 2010

    I’ve already named my future daughters. At this point, it looks like any boys that come along shall remain nameless. No doubt I’ll be continually checking the comments on this post for inspiration!

    I’m sure that when Tic Tac finally arrives, you’ll be able to find him/her a perfect name, and even if you and Hubby aren’t in total agreement, you’ll both eventually come to love the name! Or you just stick with Tic Tac….

    Great post xx

  • Megan @ Writing Out Loud
    June 23, 2010

    The way we decided was – I went through the baby names book, wrote a list of every name I liked and gave it to my husband. He was only allowed to choose from that shortlist (I’m a bit of a control freak!!!), so he went through and crossed names out and we were left with one boy’s name and three girl’s names. When our little girl was born, we looked at each other and both said the same name, so that was that!

  • Anne
    June 24, 2010

    Ami, you were always going to be called Tara, but I think when you hold that precious little human being in your arms it is only then that you seem to know what to call your son/daughter. Ami you were so tiny and Ami being a small name and meaning beloved friend just suited you.

  • The Girl
    June 25, 2010

    This is something that I think about, a lot {good luck for when bub does arrive!}

    I actually wrote a post on my two favourite names: :)

  • Christie - Childhood 101
    June 25, 2010

    I am just sorry that I used up some of the names I actually really like on pets! LOL

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