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For most people (I assume of course) they know how many kids they would like to have.

For me I’ve always wanted 3. No rhyme or reason except that I love kids and always thought 3 would just make life that little bit crazier… in a good way.

But when it comes to hubby’s magic number, well it’s a definite 2. 2 kids according to him is PLENTY! Why? Because he thinks he’s getting too old and would eventually like to retire and not work the rest of his life because kids, well they’re expensive!

I see his point but I’m not yet ready to completely rule out having a 3rd baby. I do however say this on a good day!

At this point in time, being 35 weeks pregnant with baby #2 there are good days and definitely bad days. Last week was a whole host of bad days, as in nearly the whole week. After fighting it for a couple of weeks my body gave in and I came down with Sophie’s yucky cold and a chest infection just to top it all off. I had visions of me coughing so hard the baby flew out. Which wouldn’t have been such a bad thing, especially as it’s apparently a big baby already.

So of course during that sick week I was done. 2 kids, well 1 and a half was more than enough for me at this stage. I recall also saying these exact words at 2am to my husband when I was about 7 weeks pregnant and battling morning sickness and a tummy bug. If he could have called our lawyer and had a legal document drawn up for me to sign then and there he would have.

So here we are nearly all healthy again, nearly germ free and therefore feeling much better. Sophie at nearly 2 is just far too cute for her own good and even though I’m waddling around busting to get this baby out, suddenly having to go through it again to have a 3rd child doesn’t seem so bad.

But of course, maybe ask me to say that again in a few weeks time when we’re in the newborn nighttime feeding fog!!

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  • Allan Holder
    September 3, 2012

    Good for you Ames, hope you recover quickly and enjoy final stages. Heather and I are both thinking of you. Stay well and enjoy little one no. 2 when she/he arrives. I’ll bet dad will be tempted to go again if no.2 is a girl!

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