The Competition Mum

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OC 'Real' Housewife, Alexis.

The other day I was watching The Real Housewives of Orange County (don’t judge, it’s my weekly treat of trashy TV) and there were 2 mum’s going back and forth as they walked their kids to the park: “My child was toilet trained in like 2 weeks.” “My child did it quicker.” “Well my child is the most attentive in class”. Yadda yadda yadda, you get my drift.

This came after watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (ok, I’m addicted to ALL The Real Housewives!), and the SHOCKING amount of money that these women spent on their children’s birthday parties. This poor little 4 year old girl, was so overwhelmed by her Alice in Wonderland themed party she hid away from the party and played on a swing with her Nanny. The party, which included diamond necklace thank you gifts for all the children cost $60,000. Yep you read correctly SIXTY THOUSAND DOLLARS. The comparison kids birthday party on the show, $3,000. Yep, still THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS. Absurd.

My biggest fear about becoming involved in a Mother’s Group was judgement and competition. After reading Jodie’s Mother’s Group Post I was even more nervous. And of course more than pleasently surprised when Sophie and I found ourselves in the best Mother’s Group ever!

I’m extremely grateful that none of our friends with kids are the competition type people. In fact, the only competition is who can find the cheapest cutest baby clothes! Friends of our’s who had a baby a few months after Sophie was born, are what you’d call comfortable, money wise. You might even say, well off. Yet we happily shop together at Big W, gloating at our $5 finds and comparing (in a good way) the awesome hand me down’s we’ve scored off generous family and friends.

Comparing Newcastle to Orange County is of course ridiculous. The people that are in our lives are not plastic fantastic and of course neither are we. It’s not important to us what brand of clothing Sophie is wearing, or how much her toys cost. It’s important to us that she’s happy and healthy. I couldn’t live in that fake world, and I even find myself cringing as I watch these women on TV. It’s like a car wreck… You don’t really want to watch, but my God you just can’t help yourself!

Have you been faced with a competition mum? How did you handle it?

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