The clothing clean out

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If only this was my wardrobe! (Image)

Sophie, my 14 month old and I have one big thing in common: we were literally busting out of our wardrobes. Last week I came to the end of putting up with what was a very messy little girl’s wardrobe. You see, I’m actually quite an organised person. I like things neat and tidy, but behind Sophie’s wardrobe doors was anything but neat and tidy. As she grew I bought more clothes but just put them on top of the old clothes. It didn’t take long before the drawers were bursting at the seams and the hanging space rivaled a very squashed retail sales rack.

So with the latest basket of washing staring at me to be put away, I decided to begin. Begin tidying up Sophie’s wardrobe. I pulled out all her clothes and sorted them into what was far too small and what actually fitted. The problem was that I loved seeing all the gorgeous little outfits hanging in there even if they were from a size 00! I ended up with ANOTHER large space bag of clothes bringing the grand total to 3 already! I found gifts I was yet to unpack, and clothes I had forgotten I bought for her. 4 hours later Soph’s wardrobe was spick and span.

Then it was my wardrobes turn. I gave myself a couple of days break and on New Years Eve morning with Sophie asleep and hubby out and about, I began. I started with shelves of stuff I hadn’t even looked at let alone used in the past probably 3 years. I got ruthless and just started throwing stuff out. Belts that were no good, pyjamas that were far too small and swimmers that I can’t believe I ever fitted into. Then I started on my shoe shelf. As I dusted off the boxes of all my lovely high heels I reminisced about the old days. The old days when every work outfit was carefully chosen with shoes to match. Sky high heels that at the time seemed easy to wear. These days… Well mummy mode has well and truly kicked in! I’ve got one pair of comfortable black heels I wear to hubby’s awards nights and the rest are trusty old flats. Unfortunately the word ruthless didn’t enter into the shoe clean out. After dusting off the boxes and the shelf they all got neatly stacked back. Throwing them away seemed too much to bare!

This unfortunately continued in the clothing department too. I’d had a massive throw out a few months ago and gave my brothers girlfriend all my lovely work clothes that even if I were to go back to work would require me to lose at least 15 kilos for me to fit back into. But my lovely casual and some dressy pre-Sophie clothes I couldn’t part with. You never know, I told myself, maybe one day after we’re finished having kids I’ll fit back into them. One day. So they all got packed into plastic tubs for safe keeping. You know, just in case. Finally I rearranged the clothes that do fit me and hung up the things I wear everyday so I can actually SEE what I have. I even found clothes I had forgotten I’d bought. It was like shopping without the having to spend money bit! So after about 8 hours spread over 2 days my wardrobe was complete. And it feels so good knowing that behind all the cupboard doors everything is neat and ORGANISED!

I never make new years resolutions because I know I’ll never keep them. But I have promised myself that when 2013 rolls around our wardrobes will be as tidy as they are today.

Now to get hubby to do his wardrobe… I have a feeling that will be MY next clean out!

Oh, and Happy New Year!

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