The case of the missing hair accessories.

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hair-accessoriesSometimes things disappear. You lose stuff never to be seen again. And for some reason there are 2 particular things that I ALWAYS lose. Well actually I don’t think I lose then they just simply DISAPPEAR. What are they? Well I’m glad you asked?

They’re bobby pins and hair elastics. Small in size, but certainly not small on importance, and oh so freaking frustrating when you can’t locate either of them. Bad hair day anyone?

I truly do shudder to think the amount of packets of hair elastics and bobby pins I have bought over the years. AND the amount of money spent. I do try to take good care of my beloved hair accessories. Making sure I put the bobby pins back in their little plastic case that they now come in when I take them out of my hair. Try to put my hair elastics in my make-up bag so they’re easily located the next day, albeit then covered in make-up.

But still somehow eventually there ends up being NO bobby pins around, right when my fringe is giving me the shites and desperately needs to be pinned back, and the only hair elastic I can find is the one that is so stretched it’s giving Gumby a run for his money.

And so I have decided that there must be a hair accessory thief probably in the form of a Tinkerbell like fairy who sneaks into my bathroom and steals all my hair bands and bobby pins. So for now I seem to have a plethora of bobby pins (probably cause I bought yet another packet) and only 2 elastic bands. One is at the end of it’s the life and the other is bright blue, which looks great in my blonde hair!

So there you have it. What items in your house seem to disappear all on their own? Maybe my hair fairy has been visiting your house too!

  • Jodie Ansted
    November 20, 2009

    I think your Tinkerbell-like thief is also stealing mine. How could I have possibly gone thru a whole packet of bobby pins in less than 6mths?

    Also, just quietly, I think she’s stealing the socks. (Ssssh!)

  • Ben
    November 20, 2009

    dont get me started on socks!!!!!!

  • Ami
    November 20, 2009

    Haha, I forgot about the socks!!

  • nomie
    November 22, 2009

    I joined a facebook group called ‘Where the hell are all my bobby pins? – that about sums up what disappears at my place! Oh… and DON’T get me started on socks… I mean really, where do they go????

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