The 1st night.

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I missed this beautiful face!

I never really thought about having a night away from Sophie, because there just wasn’t a need, or really a want. Ok so there was a want for a full night sleep! But as she’s a solely breastfed baby and not overly keen on the bottle I just thought if and when I did have a night away from her, it would be many many months down the track.

Then last Sunday I started to feel unwell about lunchtime. By 5pm I could not stop throwing up and about 8pm I collapsed. My poor husband had to call an ambulance, deal with a screaming baby and watch his wife lay on the bedroom floor, totally out of it.

Thankfully 2 of our dearest friends were over for dinner and lent a very big helping hand. So the ambulance came, started pumping me full of drugs and fluid and took me off to hospital. I barely remember anything from falling on the floor, to ending up in a hospital ward.

According to my friend who came with me to the hospital I spent quite some time in Emergency yelling for anti-sickness drugs and a blanket. Eventually the drugs came, but no blanket as I had a temperature, and even though I was shaking uncontrollably, I still wasn’t allowed a blanket.

As they took me down to the ward where I would spend the night, I suddenly worried about Sophie. Jen assured me that Sophie had guzzled a bottle of milk and John was busily defrosting the frozen milk stash we had in the freezer.

I felt relieved, but quite upset that this was how I was spending my first night away from my baby girl. I got a text message from John saying ‘get a good night sleep’. Unfortunately this wasn’t to happen, as the nurses took my blood pressure and temperature EVERY HOUR, and blood numerous times throughout the night.

So needless to say my first night away from Soph was not what I had imagined. No relaxing, romantic getaway for hubby and I. Nope me all my own, well with some nutjobs, in the hospital being pumped full of fluid like there was no tomorrow.

Amazingly Sophie and John survived without me. Well it shouldn’t be that amazing considering what an awesome Dad John is. I’m so thankful Soph took the bottle. I guess she was hungry and just didn’t care where the milk came from! I was very relieved when the doctor said I could finally go home at 4.30pm the next day and that I should be ok to breastfeed. John had 60ml of milk left when I got home. So it was very lucky I arrived home when I did!

I’m even more thankful that Sophie didn’t get sick. Resilient little bugger!

I can only hope that my next night away from Sophie is more enjoyable!

Do you remember the first night away from your kids?

  • Carly {Creator of We Heart Life}
    January 10, 2011

    Oh my goodness! I’m glad that you are okay x Sorry it wasn’t a night away like you thought! Take care of yourself!

  • Jane
    January 10, 2011

    You poor thing! What a drama. I hope you’re feeling better now! xxx

  • Naomi
    January 10, 2011

    Hope you are feeling better now and taking it easy.

    My forst night away from my 1st baby was when he was about 18 months old, I was 8 weeks from having baby 2 and went out for new years eve. He was a shocking sleeper & I just didn’t want to inflict him on anyone else!

    Baby 2 was similar to you, I ended up in emergency with a horrid bout of tonsillitis. I was admitted but the next day I discharged myself, I couldn’t be away another night!

  • Shelley
    January 13, 2011

    So sorry to hear you weren’t well. Sophie is such a gorgeous cherub. Um…first night away you ask? Let’s see, Miss A is 15 months now. No night out, let alone a night away for Mr and I. Am guessing by the time she starts school we may have had some alone time again! :) xx

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