Thai takeaway all my money.

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thai-takeaway-food_smWe go through phases where we eat out a lot and get takeaway a lot. Mainly when we’re out of our routine, we’re both tired, and we just couldn’t be bothered cooking. Ok, well hubby just couldn’t be bothered cooking – I don’t exactly cook. Much. Well not really at all.

Anyway, so when we do eat out or grab some takeaway hubby usually pays so I never really check out how much things are costing us. Then the other night we got Thai takeaway for dinner. It really is one of my favourtie takeaways. I definitely prefer it to Chinese. Sorry I digress. So we went to pick it up and I ran into collect it. That’ll be $55 thank you.

WHAT I thought. $55. Are you freaking kidding me? Have I been living under a rock or has Thai takeaway always been THAT expensive? And that was with a discount for pick-up.

So what did we order? I’m glad you asked. We ordered one entree of chicken satay skewers, 2 dishes: a Massaman Curry and BBQ Duck and a small boiled rice. I knew duck was expensive but I really didn’t think it would add up to that much. So anyway we get home and I decide to check the menu. $20 for the duck and about $18 for the massaman. Now don’t get me wrong the food was good, but still I thought it was expensive?

Who knows maybe it’s even more expensive elsewhere? Sydney-siders what do you pay for Thai?

So am I being a tight arse whose been living under that rock, or do agree?

  • Jodie Ansted
    November 9, 2009

    Well, Ami, we have a great local place that doesn’t look flash, but makes fantastic food. You can dine in, but has a feel more of a takeaway, and with kids, we rarely dine there. It’s always take out. Good servings as well.

    We’ll often buy, for example, a couple of curry puffs, 1 serve of chicken & cashews stir fry (feeds two of us) and a large jasmine rice. Total: $18.50. Bargain!

    Duck dishes on this menu: Duck Noodle Soup $10.00, Red Curry with Duck $13.50

    Yup. I’d say you’re paying too much!

  • Jane
    November 11, 2009

    Hey Ami! Just discovered your blog, woohoo!

    My local Thai place is usually fairly cheap, when I go there with a couple of girlfriends and get satay chicken skewers plus 2 dishes and rice, it usually comes to about $15 a head.

    Although the other night, we ordered Thai for 7 of us and it came to $150 or something ridiculous, so yes, it adds up!!

    Once had Thai in Newtown (in Sydney) where it was only $9 for Massaman. BARGAIN.


  • Another Amy
    November 16, 2009

    Agree Amy. I am confused though as it always seems like it is a cheap meal when you go with a gang of people and divide the bill up but if we get Thai takeaway for two people it also always approx $45 – $50. Don’t know how!! We order the same sort of things only less quantity!

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