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The lovely Nomie over at Under the Yardam recently tagged me after she wrote about 10 things that make me happy.

So challenge accepted. Here goes!

1. My Husband
I wrote in my wedding speech (yes the BRIDE did a speech!), that the old saying about finding ‘the one’, ‘when you know, you know’, is so true. And it’s such a great feeling when, you know! And I feel like that everyday. We laugh a lot, and really I just like hanging out with him. Which I guess is lucky, as we’ve still got plenty of years left with each other!!!

2. Jack, our dog
When we got Jack back in April last year, it didn’t take long for me to become one of THOSE pet owners who seriously dotes on their beloved canine friend. He really has bought so much joy to our lives as wanky as that sounds! Happiness truly is walking in the door of an afternoon and being greeted by our little furry friend who is just so God damn bloody excited to see us. The way his whole body moves as he shakes his tail with such excitement is just beyond gorgeous. It really is unconditional love. Someone recently said to me, think about how much you love Jack, now wait till you have a baby. Scary thought actually!

3. Family and Friends
Hubby and I are both really lucky to have such great family and friends. And really our friends are our family too. I love our weekly breakfast catch up’s and Saturday night Roast dinners with friends. It’s such a great group that we have, and we are very fortunate that everyone gets on so well. All the kids in our families too are just so much fun! They’ve each got their own individual personality and it’s amazing to watch them all grow up. Christmas just gone was great fun, and we were very lucky to have been able to manage to catch up with everyone from both sides!

4. Photos
The first thing I did when I moved in with Hubby was to put lots of photos around the house! I was very excited when we got our wedding photos back from our photographer and there were 1,500 of them! I’m now even more excited that we’ve chosen which ones to have printed as canvas’ for the house. I love that photos brighten up the house, and the canvas’ are like a personal piece of art. And yes, there are canvas’ of Jack on the wall!!

5. Sleep
I seriously LOVE sleeping. I’ve lost count how many times Hubby has said to me, ‘I’ve never met anyone that can sleep so much as you.’ Jack and I love our Sunday’s together while Hubby is out sailing, where we chill out on the couch and get a couple of Nanna Naps in here and there! Before we had Jack it wasn’t uncommon for me to sleep in on a weekend until about 10.30am, but now that we have Jack, it’s a 5.30am wake-up call. Thankfully Hubby does the morning walks and I dose until about 7am! Who said dogs weren’t good training for babies! Anyway, so yes back to sleeping. Apart from just loving it, I’m also a much happier person when I’ve had enough, which in turn makes Hubby happy. Happy people all round!

6. Food
I know that’s really generic, and because we’re doing our happy things I guess, I’ll try be a little more specific. Well, actually I’m finding that a little bit hard because, well I like a lot of foods! I love chocolate, cake, cookies, camembert cheese, seafood, pasta, thai, pizza. Nothing too healthy in there is there. What I’m not looking forward to is being pregnant and not being able to eat soft cheeses and oysters. That’s not gunna be fun! But anyway, where was I? Oh, yes, does food make me happy. Not so much the cooking part (but that is developing), but more the eating part. Hmm, maybe this one should have been eating out! But then again, Hubby does cook a mean roast!

7. Writing
Or should that be blogging! Sometimes there’s only so much venting one can do to their Hubby, and so blogging definitely makes me happy. Sometimes I’m venting and getting things off my chest, other times it’s more enjoyable like this post!

8. Shopping
In this one I will cheat and include clothes and shoes which effectively comes under shopping anyway! I love spending money. I’m sure it releases some sort of happy hormone in your body as you sign for a pair of shoes, or a new top from Country Road!

9. Baby News
Whether it’s the pregnancy news or the birth of the baby news, I just get so excited about baby news in general and it genuinely makes me happy! Most recently I literally squealed with delight when our nieces was born, and again when our close friends announced they were having a baby girl!

10. Being at home
This might sound funny, but my favourite place to be is at home. I’m also going to cheat by saying that cleaning, well tidying our home makes me happy! It must release the same happy hormone as spending money. Or maybe it’s a satisfaction thing, that by tidying the house I’ve achieved something on my day’s off! Anyway, back to being at home. Why wouldn’t I love being there! Hubby’s there, Jack’s there. Comfy lounge, food (most of the time) and drink. Yep it’s definitely my ‘happy place’!

So there you have it, my 10 things that make me happy. You know, when I started this I thought it would be easier. But I didn’t want to pick random things like donuts and getting paid, so it really made me think!

So, now it’s my turn to tag another 10 people and find out what top 10 things make them happy. Instead of listing people though I encourage you to just leave a comment with your top 10! And if you’ve blogged about it, please share your link! Go on Big Bro, you know you want to leave a comment!

  • Jodie at Mummy Mayhem
    January 7, 2010

    Great list! Everything on this list makes me happy. Except maybe shopping. Occasionally I have a day that I feel like shopping (for clothes, that is – I NEVER feel like food shopping), but I’d rather be at home getting things organised.

    Oh yes. I’m gettin’ old alright!

    Great post Ami. Again. x

  • big bro
    January 8, 2010

    As a daily reader of your puffy pink blog
    i couldn’t pass up the opputunity to formally accept the challenge.

    firstly let me say what a fantastic job you are doing in providing me with endless entertainment .lol..

    having said that here goes my list..

    (a little less creative compared to our usual emails but as this is a FAMILY site i will keep it rated PG..)

    10 things that make me happy..

    1. My beautiful wife..
    2. “Bundy” our dog
    3. Family
    4. Friends

    i must say this is looking vaguely familiar..lol.

    5. The joy of becoming a dad..
    6. sport
    7. home cooking ..
    8. renovating or at least seeing progression in life..
    9. reading what goes on that head of yours everyday .. and emailing you my twist to it..lol
    and finally ……..
    10. losing every bet with your husband but knowing that i have played a part in having a pscycological impact on his thoughts about the topics… lol..
    i always end up winning eventually…

    love your work..
    big bro xx

  • Jade
    January 12, 2010

    Love your list! I especially agree with number two – our dog is like our kid!

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