A matter of opinion

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484656-msI’m opinonated. Hence this blog. I like to make my thoughts known and get things off my chest. Some people are opinionated in good ways and some people are opinionated in bad ways. Today let’s discuss the bad opinionated people! These are people that like to give their opinion even when it’s probably not really necessary.

For example, say you bought a new car and you told a friend. ‘I just bought a new Mazda’. The friend replies: ‘Oh I hate Mazda’s. They’re shit cars. Can’t believe you bought a Mazda”. Classic case of when an opinion is really not necessary.

Yes, some would call it being honest. I just call it being rude. This of course can lend itself to any situation. And for opinionated people it can be quite hard to shut their mouth and NOT give their opinion, but sometimes is it necessary to always have your say?

I have a friend who was bridesmaid for one of her friends and she absolutely hated the dress she had to wear, but she wore it anyway because it was her friends day. This I think is a little bit of a tricky situation. If our bridesmaid’s didn’t like the dress I was looking at for them I probably would have wanted them to tell me to make sure everyone was happy! Thankfully everyone liked it (well what they told me anyway!!).

There are of course always going to be right and wrong situations for people’s opinions. I always tend to err on the side of caution, one because I don’t like hurting people’s feeling and two because when an opinion isn’t necessary, then it means nothing good can be achieved, hence the unnecessary part.

So what do you think? Have you ever regretted giving an opinion, or been given someone else’s opinion in a situation where you really didn’t need to hear it?

Some people should just keep their comments to themselves. But make sure you read the last paragraph.

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strongopinionsI’ve been thinking about this topic for a while now and have finally got around to brain dumping my opinion onto the screen. Now before I go off on my little rant I would just like to say, that I’m all for people having their own opinion’s. Lord knows it would be a very boring world if we all thought the same things. BUT! And there’s always a BUT………

Right now that I’ve got the nicety’s out of the way, let’s go.

I’m a regular follower/reader of Mia Freedman’s blog, www.mamamia.com.au. I love reading Mia’s opinions and her take on news and other events. Yes it’s safe to say that I’m a fan! I can only hope that one day as many people read my blog as they do her’s! But what I find just as interesting as the stories themselves is the comments that people leave.

I think comments on blogs are fantastic. They’re a great way to get a conversation started and really get people involved in your stories. BUT. What I don’t like are nasty comments and people who seem to stir things up just for the hell of it. Many times I have read comments on Mia’s blog and thought how dare you write that, you have no right to say that.

Ok they do have a right to have their own opinion, but they don’t have the right to express it so unkindly on someone else’s blog. Let me know give you some examples. Mia wrote a story on the Australian gay couple who travelled to India and paid a surrogate to carry their twin baby girls. A lovely story which quickly turned sour in the comments department when some people were questioning these men’s ability to be parents due to weight issues and much more. Then there was the Michael Jackson backlash because some people thought it was too soon to comment on the controversial side of his life. THEN Mia held a competition to win a new digital camera. All you had to do was submit a suggesstion for a tagline for mamamia.com.au. Fantastic idea, get the readers involved and win a camera! Some horrible person used it as an opportunity to basically bag the crap out of Mia on HER OWN BLOG!

Jeez people, where has the respect gone.

So my point to all this rambling, is it seems that people are now taking advantage of online and the anonymity that it provides and using it for evil and not good. As I’ve said before, yes it’s ok to have your own opinion, but voice it sensibly and respectfully without being nasty and just remember that when you’re commenting on someone else’s blog, it’s just that SOMEONE ELSE’S BLOG and you need to have a bit of respect when leaving comments on another’s blog.

If you feel THAT strongly and don’t think you can comment respectfully then a) don’t read the blog in the first place and b) start your own blog and rant and rave all you like on that!

Wow, lots of CAPITALS (shouting) in this post!

So what do you think? Do you agree that people are taking advantage of the ability to be anonymous online, or are blog’s fairgame and we all need to accept to good and the ugly?

Having said all that I would like to finish on a nice note. Yesterday on Mamamia, Amanda wrote a guest post about her premature baby Sophia and their story so far. The comments on this story we’re so beautiful and heartwarming. Let’s hope we get more of that in the future. I recommend you read Amanda’s post. But be warned, have the tissues handy! Click here to read it.

Becoming a Mrs

mrsAs my impending nuptials continue to draw closer I thought I’d share with you an opinion on a question I have been asked, surprisingly quite a bit.

The question: Are you going to change your name when you get married? Short answer, Yes.

For nearly 26 years I have been Ami Holder. Call me old fashioned, but it had never crossed my mind not to change my name. When we start a family I don’t want to have a different name to my children and nor did I consider hyphenating it either. It’s actually a little hard to explain! I’m not a big hot shot career woman, nor am I a super famous celebrity!

So in about 86 days I will become Ami Streeter!

Unfortunately for my future husband, he won’t be getting someone that looks like this Mrs!

Did you change your name when you got married?Are you getting married and have decided not to? Why? Guys, would you be upset if your new wife didn’t take your name?
Would love to hear your opinions.