Crossing over to the dark side

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I'm a brunette!

As you well know I’m a little obsessed with getting my hair done. And I’m not afraid of a change. Except after growing my hair for nearly a year for our wedding, I have become quite attached to my long locks, and wasn’t ready to cut them off, but still felt like I needed a change.

Couple that with our upcoming 8 week trip to Europe and not wanting horrible regrowth half way through our trip and voila, my change would be darker locks!

So that’s what I did last week! I managed to freak myself out twice in the mirror after forgetting the following morning that for now, I was no longer a blonde!

Do you experiment with your hair? How many hair colours have you had over the years? Or do you prefer to keep it simple?!

Oh, and as always all my hair posts are dedicated to Kylie! xx

One of lifes hard choices.

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katie_holmes_hairI knew this day was coming, I just didn’t know it would come so soon. Sounds quite dramatic doesn’t it. I’m not really one for the dramatics. Ha, excuse me while I ROFL. (Roll on floor laughing for those non twit Twitter people). Sorry, I digress where was I. Oh yes.

After 12 months of growing my hair in anticipation for the da dum dum dum big wedding day, yes I started growing my hair BEFORE I was engaged but my hairdresser and I decided we’d like to be prepared, the day has come where I now feel the need to chop it all off.

You see back in the day, I changed my hair ALOT. Black, brown, blonde, red, purple streaks for my year 10 formal, long, then short, then trying to grow it again, the changes were endless. It was like a drug, I had to get my next hair fix, and it had to be different to the last time. See I told you I wasn’t one for the dramatics! Pfft, I hear you say!

But with the possibility of a wedding, and then actually planning the wedding, my determination was unwaivering to have long glossy blonde hair that my hairdresser extraordinaire could curl and twist into an effortless up do. See I’m even down with the hair lingo.

And so just shy of 10 weeks of being a Mrs, I open up and am confronted with a gorgeous picture of Katie Holmes, (Image Source) sporting a to-die-for just below chin length shaggy bob. All of a sudden the ends of my hair are fearing for their lives, as my brain starts spinning with excitement at the thought of getting the chop and a ‘new do’. The rush is unbelievable as I start to remember what it’s like again to get that hair changing fix. Hmmm I wonder if there’s a Hair Anonymous group. I guarantee I’m not the only one single-handedly holding up the hairdressing industry.

Sigh, what to do. The other problem, with my whole entire life really is that I’m a Libran. Yes, that means essentially I SUCK at making decisions. So for the next 7 days as I not so patiently wait for my hair appointment to roll around I will agonise over this decision and change my mind countless times. Just thinking about the lack of sleep is already making me tired.

Can you help me? What should I do? No pressure! Or can you provide the name of a group who deals with people obsessed with their hair? Thanks that’s be great!

The case of the missing hair accessories.

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hair-accessoriesSometimes things disappear. You lose stuff never to be seen again. And for some reason there are 2 particular things that I ALWAYS lose. Well actually I don’t think I lose then they just simply DISAPPEAR. What are they? Well I’m glad you asked?

They’re bobby pins and hair elastics. Small in size, but certainly not small on importance, and oh so freaking frustrating when you can’t locate either of them. Bad hair day anyone?

I truly do shudder to think the amount of packets of hair elastics and bobby pins I have bought over the years. AND the amount of money spent. I do try to take good care of my beloved hair accessories. Making sure I put the bobby pins back in their little plastic case that they now come in when I take them out of my hair. Try to put my hair elastics in my make-up bag so they’re easily located the next day, albeit then covered in make-up.

But still somehow eventually there ends up being NO bobby pins around, right when my fringe is giving me the shites and desperately needs to be pinned back, and the only hair elastic I can find is the one that is so stretched it’s giving Gumby a run for his money.

And so I have decided that there must be a hair accessory thief probably in the form of a Tinkerbell like fairy who sneaks into my bathroom and steals all my hair bands and bobby pins. So for now I seem to have a plethora of bobby pins (probably cause I bought yet another packet) and only 2 elastic bands. One is at the end of it’s the life and the other is bright blue, which looks great in my blonde hair!

So there you have it. What items in your house seem to disappear all on their own? Maybe my hair fairy has been visiting your house too!