Summer, Swimmers & UGH.

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bikiniI’d like to say Summer is almost here, but after last week’s weather, not only is Summer here, it’s graced us with it’s presence with a big hot and windy slap in the face.

So now that Summer has hit us, it’s time to drag out the dreaded summer attire of, yes you guessed it, the swimmers. Don’t get me wrong, I love Summer, but I’m more of a comfy shorts, or maxi-dress kinda gal. So the thought of having to put on a pair of swimmers is far from being my cup of tea.

I recently weighed in on the body image issue, you can read about that HERE, and trying on a pair swimmers just ain’t what it used to be.

I’m afraid I have to admit that I seriously feel like I’ve grown old before my time. Exhibit A of this would be standing in the change rooms trying on a nice simple black bikini and the bottoms don’t, well, they don’t properly cover your butt crack. Yes that’s right they don’t come up high enough, and if you pull them up you run the risk of your butt cheeks falling further out of the sides of the bikini bottoms. Painting a great picture ha! And is it too much to ask that the bikini tops actually cover something. Not everyone wants their girls hanging out.

I own so many pairs of swimmers that could fit all creatures great and small, and NONE, I repeat NONE of them are right. Why do we buy things that aren’t just right. Actually I think that’s a whole other Puff Piece! So I feel another ‘little black’ adventure coming on. In case you missed the first one: The Little Black Shoe (LBS) you can read about that HERE.

Where was I? Oh yes the new adventure to find the LBB, the Little Black Bikini. I can’t wait to traipse around the shops and try on a heap of bikini’s in those lovely change rooms with those even more lovely, HIDEOUS lights that make your skin look l like you need a chemical peel all over your body. Ugh. And don’t even get me started on boardshorts. Oh, ok I will then. You see, I see boardshorts now as a necessity and refuse to go out in public without my boardshorts on when wearing swimmers. But then when you’re actually in the water the feeling of wearing the boardshorts is yuck, with them all wet and riding up you know where and then when you get out they stick to you, and UGH.

Gosh and I thought I loved Summer. Maybe I’ll just stick to my lovely air-conditioned house this year.

What will you be wearing this Summer togs wise?

  • Jodie at Mummy Mayhem
    November 23, 2009

    I’ll probably wear last year’s bathers (I’m from Perth originally. That’s what we call them there). IF they fit. (And I’ve posted on that today.) Fingers crossed. I’ve never, ever liked buying bathers/swimmers. Ever.

    But in recent years, I’ve become a fan of the tankini. Bought my first one in Jan ’05. When I went to buy myself a new tankini a couple of seasons ago, it was so hard to find one, because the trend had gone back to bikinis. And you know what? After 3 kids and a flabby old tummy, there’s no way you’re catching me in a bikini.

    That’s why I’m sticking with my tankini from two seasons ago this year. *sigh*

  • Ami
    November 23, 2009

    Ah yes, the tankini. Why didn’t I think of that! Right the mission will now be the LBT, the Little Black Tankini!!

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