Stopping time.

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Newborn - Six Months

Yesterday good friends of ours told us the happy and exciting news that they’re expecting their first baby. Due on the 7th October. 3 days before Sophie’s 1st birthday. SOPHIE’S. FIRST. BIRTHDAY. HOLY CRAP. It feels like only yesterday I handed my hubby the positive stick and said I’m pregnant and he said “shit, already!”

I’m so excited for our friends and can’t wait for them to have their baby. But I can wait for Sophie’s 1st Birthday. In 10 days she’ll be 6 months. SIX MONTHS. Where has the time gone? What happened to my little newborn and how the hell did I end up with a six month old?!

I miss that tiny little brand new newborn baby. So tiny and well, new. When you’d hold her, like a baby, and she wouldn’t squirm. Now of course she wants to sit up all the time. When she’d fall asleep on your chest and happily stay there for hours on end if you’d let her. When she fitted into that 0000 suit that when you bought it you couldn’t believe you were going to be responsible for something so tiny. And when her poo’s didn’t smell so bad.

But now that my little newbie is giggling, grinning at me and pulling the most hilarious faces, hanging out with her really just gets better and better. Watching her do something different each day fills me with pride. Encouraging her to roll, reach out for her toys, try to sit up on her own.

Then I want it to stop. Stop time. So she can be my baby for just a little bit longer.

  • Shelley
    March 31, 2011

    I know exactly what you mean. It seems only yesterday we were so excitedly following your pregnancy, and I had a 9 month old baby who is now 18 months. Every day it just gets better, watching them grow. I’d like to stop time now, toddlers are adoreable. I think I’ve got a good six months left in Miss A yet before the Terrible Twos! And I love the fact our girls are one year and one day apart. xx

  • Jane
    March 31, 2011

    I remember EXACTLY what I was doing and where I was standing when I read your blog post sharing that you were pregnant with ‘Tic Tac’. I was SO excited for you! Cannot believe she’s already 6 months. xxx

  • Thea
    April 1, 2011

    Oh I’m hearing you!!
    Then all of a sudden they’re 6 1/2….then 21 and moving out!
    WAHHHH make it stop! ;)

  • Megan @ Writing Out Loud
    April 1, 2011

    She’s so cute!

    I’ll sign the petition to stop time for a little while.

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