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I never really thought about baby shoes for Sophie. Well I did, but I figured she wouldn’t need them until she started walking. But then I heard about a company called Softies Baby Shoes. I’d seen other babies about Sophie’s age (11 months) with little shoes on and always thought how adorable they looked, and they, you know, completed their little outfit. So when Softies Baby Shoes offered for me to try a pair I thought, why not!

Soccer Girl Softies

Once I got on their website I was faced with the very difficult task of choosing from all the gorgeous little designs! So I decided to hand it over to hubby. Of course he picked something not super girly, but thankfully still pink! So he chose the Soccer Girl Soft Sole pair, placed our order, thankfully the website ordering system was a no brainer and very easy to use.

Within a couple of days our little package had arrived and I was so excited to try them on Sophie. She wasn’t entirely sure at first what was going on as I put the shoes on her chubby little feet. I’m sure she was thinking, hmmmm these are different to my usual boring pair of socks! I soon figured out that putting shoes on babies is easier a) if you make your husband do it, or in the event that is not possible, b) sit them on your lap and do it that way rather than have them laying on the change table.

The great thing about the Softies is they have this great elastic bits on the sides that make it nice and easy to stretch them onto chubby baby feet, but then once they are on you can’t see the elastic and they go straight back to their proper shape.

We were then in business and Sophie’s little outfit was finally complete! The shoes are so lovely and soft. Basically like little baby ballet jiffy’s. They move with her feet when she crawls and they are nice and secure for when she stands up. She’s not walking yet, but I’m sure she will taking off in her Softies in no time.

Softies Baby Shoes in action!

You can check out all the gorgeous baby shoes that Softies Baby Shoes has to offer at But be warned, you’ll have a hard time choosing! Oh, and they also have gorgeous T-shirts, leggings and socks.

Disclosure: I received the pair of Softies Baby Shoes complimentary, and no financial payment was offered nor accepted for this post. All opinions expressed are my own.

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