Shopping centreitis

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shopping2So we went shopping on Saturday, nothing too out of the ordinary or dramatic you would think. Think again! For some reason everyone and everything totally annoyed the crap out of not just me but my other half as well! Let me just clarify, we went there to shop, not to just pick something up and try and get out of there.

Firstly, we both found ourselves getting very annoyed with the extremely slow pace people chose to walk at around the shopping centre. I didn’t think we were ‘hooning’ around, but maybe we missed the memo that you now walk around a shopping centre abnormally slow?

Secondly, we walked into one shop and found 5 shop assistants in quite a small jewellery store all standing around pretty-womantalking. I had to squueze past one of the assistants sitting on a chair to have a look at the rest of their jewellery. Did he move or apologise. Gosh, of course not, they were too busy chatting. Not one person came to help and we left with John exclaiming, I wouldn’t let you by anything from there just on prinicpal the way they acted!

So while we or more specifically, I, still managed to spend money on shoes that I NEEDED and on clothes that I could have done without but WANTED, the whole shopping experience just didn’t seem how it used to be!

Sadly I think we have become accustomed to the after hours Country Road sales where there’s only a hand full of people in the shopping centre and limited people in the store. Maybe we just like feeling ‘special’! (Detect sarcasm!)

So is it just us, are we the minority, or heaven forbid are we getting old and cranky and can’t stand all the teeny-boppers who think it’s cool to hang around shopping centres for no apparent reason other than to ‘hang’! Or is going shopping just not the same anymore?

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