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Don’t worry the title of this post doesn’t indicate a play on words in relation to me rambling on about the Stock Exchange. No siree, something much more exciting than that. Shopping! Or more specifically, exchanging! And clearly for us, everything comes in three’s.

A few weeks ago I finally went to get re-fitted for some new bra’s. After finishing breastfeeding about 4 months ago I figured it was about time to get out of my maternity bras! I went to Bras N Things, got a lovely lady, bought 2 new bras and went off on my merry way. The next day I wore one of new bras out to a dinner we were attending. By the end of the night underneath the bra on the side of my body, my skin was red and I had welts. Clearly the bra was WAY too tight. So I popped it back in the drawer figured it was a waste of money, but would take the other one back.

When I took the 2nd unworn bra back, Katrina (the original girl I had) told me I could bring the other bra back. WHAT?! I said to her, but I’ve worn it! She said that’s fine, their policy was that they wanted their customers to be happy with their purchases and clearly I had the wrong size.

So a few days later when I was Sophie free, I took back the worn bra, no questions, no fuss and exchanged it for a better fitting one. Now that’s good customer service!

And it seems but good customer service experience was about to continue…

The other weekend I took the sheets off our bed to wash them. Nothing unusual there. But as I was shaking them out in the laundry trying to find the pillow cases that had gotten caught up in the sheets I was a little shocked to see a great big gaping hole in the fitted sheet.

Now these were no ordinary sheets. They were super dooper expensive luxury Sheridan sheets, and we had ‘treated’ ourselves to them with our wedding money that we received. As the sheets were quite warm we would only use them in Winter. So they had been used last Winter and now this Winter.

I showed hubby and he was as disappointed as I was, that only after 2 seasons of use the sheets had worn through, what appeared to be down near my feet. I just figured we’d have to go and buy another set as I was pretty sure we’d paid cash and the David Jones store in town, which has since closed down and I knew that I didn’t have the receipt.

A few days later I decided to give Sheridan a call and just have a chat to them about the sheets. I called with no expectations, was polite and honest that I had no proof of purchase. I got this very lovely lady named Jane, and after a few questions and checking of the tag thingy on the sheets we established which type of sheets they were.

Jane informed me that they had indeed been having some problems with that particular weave as it was so soft. After a bit of a chat about a new range they had bought out to replace the old range, I asked her where do we go from here. I was honestly expecting her to say that without any proof of purchase I’d probably need to go to a David Jones store. But to my pleasant surprise Jane promptly asked for my full name and address and brand new set of sheets worth $320 in the same colour were in the mail and on their way.

I cannot thank Jane and Sheridan enough for such a lovely customer service experience. More companies could definitely take a leaf out of Sheridan’s book and learn a thing or two about standing by their product and certainly maintaining an excellent reputation.

I think if you go in with an open mind not expecting anything with a pleasant attitude you’ll get a lot further. It may not always be resolved in your favour, but at the end of the day it can’t hurt to ask. And that’s exactly what happened to my hubby as well.

A few weeks ago he was parked on a hill and as he was walking back to his car (Toyota Hilux) he noticed a considerable amount of rust underneath his car on the bullbar. Having never had the car ‘off road’ or on a beach he was a little disappointed that the additions to the car that he had paid for about 5 years ago had failed.

He was out and about a few days later on his way back from a meeting and decided to stop in at the place where he had the bullbar fitted a few years back. John went there expecting to order all new parts and just pay what he had to pay. The man at ARB was just as shocked as John, and even more so when he learnt that the car had never been on a beach. He promptly took numerous photos of the rust and told John he would be in touch within a couple of days.

True to his word the man rang John a few days later. He had contacted the manufacturer who had agreed that the product had indeed failed and they would be replacing everything free of charge. Approximately $5,000 worth. Once again great customer service, and standing by your product from ARB.

We spend so much time focusing on the negative, and whinging about bad experiences of customer service or faulty products. So when something wonderful happens we should applaud those companies, and show our appreciation by spreading the news.

Have you had a similar experience with a great company?

  • Belinda
    August 5, 2011

    Wow what amazing customer service!! These quality companies will definitely stand the test of time with service like that!

  • Another Amy
    August 9, 2011

    That’s awesome Ami! I love hearing that. I do have a few negative stories of my own (Optus/ David jones), so it is refreshing to hear the happy and positive ones. On the weekend our kettle broke down, I knew we had a $200 voucher to minimax from our wedding but couldn’t find it for the life of me…I called up and discussed this with the sales lady, a lovely lady called Janette, she told me to come down to the store, and that she would do me a favour, look it up in the system based on the purchase approximate date and give me the $200! Now when does that ever happen with gift vouchers?! I ended up getting a new kettle, a new scanpan pot and a new silicone oven mit – all on sale – with my $200 voucher! I was rapt! Most companies would say what with no voucher, you’re out of luck. Thanks Minimax, I’ll certainly be back!!

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