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_dsc0330qwSo I brain dumped a while back on some wedding words of wisdom. And while I thought I was probably done, it turns out I’m not! So today my friends I’m going to impart some more wonderful words of wedding wisdom on you. Or more like just my opinion!

I’ve always loved photos. Always had lots of pics around the house and always taken 500 happy snaps when 50 probably could’ve done it. So when we got engaged at the beginning of the year there was absolutely NO question that I would happily pay good money for a photographer.

This attitude was met with mixed reactions, ranging from ‘yes, definitely fork out for a good photographer’, and ‘why waste that much money, that’s crazy’. But my mind was made up. If we were presented with crap wedding photos, I would be DEVASTATED. Actually devastated would have been an understatement.

So, a friend of ours mentioned a photographer that they had tried to get for their wedding but he wasn’t available at the time. We quickly jumped onto his website, fell in love with his pics, rang, secured our date, all before we had even met him. A quick meet and greet and a flick through his albums and I was convinced we’d made the right decision.

Then last week we picked up our wedding photos, and they are PERFECT!! This guy is truly amazing! Not only did he capture so many moments, but his slight quirkiness and attention to detail is truly magnificent. Truth is, I probably would have paid a bucket load more than what we did, I was THAT set on making sure we had great pics!

BUT. And there’s always a BUT! We now have 1,500, yes 1,500 wedding pics and I’ll be buggered if I can pick which one’s to blow-up and get printed! It’s quite a nice problem to have though!!

Obviously different people put different values on wedding photographs, but for me there were never any questions about how important they were. Yes you’ll always have the memories of the day, but to have these special photo’s to show kids and grandkids is priceless.

So, I’m guessing you’d like to know who our photographer was!! Jake Thomas: Seriously could not recommend him any more, even if I tried! And if you’re already married, check out his portrait section! The pictures of the kids at our wedding are just amazing!

Heres some of our pics…






  • Jodie Ansted
    November 2, 2009

    WOW. Ami – these photos are amazing, and you and hubby look fantastic. We didn’t have a photographer at our wedding. A couple of friends took our pics, but for us, it was just about getting one good shot (which we did). But everyone has something that’s more important to them than other things. Good for you for not worrying about what other people think and just going for it. Looks to me like it was worth it!

  • nomie
    November 3, 2009

    Beautiful photos… just beautiful. I am a bit of a photo freak,,, detail is everything, and being married to a designer just makes it worse! We didn’t have a photographer, but with a friend who had just graduated from art school with photography as her major we were in safe hands!
    Good luck choosing!

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