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three-little-pigs4So as you saw yesterday the Maryville Market development was on Media Watch on Monday night in relation to the developer Con Constantine running articles in a paper that he owns.

Of course he’s going to support his own development, who wouldn’t.

Anyway, that’s not what I’d like to talk about. What I would like to discuss/argue whatever you want to call it, is about Media Watch.

They are a program that criticises the media. Well ABC, now it’s your turn. Myself and other local residents who think the development is a great idea have left comments on your site in relation to a story you did about the Maryville Resident’s Action Group.

Now have you ever followed up these comments and put forward the other side of the story? No, to my knowledge I don’t believe you have. You take the time to contact me to try and fish for information to see if I am somehow ‘involved’ with Mr Constantine or if the business I work for does work for him, but you can’t get one of your journo’s to show the other side of the story. So because, OH MY GOD, I am FOR a development I must have undeclared interests. Seriously to those accusers, there are a range of you, get a life.

I think cutting the rail line is a great idea, I think the Nobby’s lighthouse development is a great idea, I think the Renew Newcastle project is a great idea, I think eating chocolate at least once a week is a great idea. Gosh I must have some serious undeclared interests going on. Or aren’t we allowed to agree with something without having a sinister underlying reason.


If you’re trying to get a rise – well done. I’m pretty hot headed most of the time, and don’t mind a bit of an argument! But we wouldn’t want anyone bordering on slander now, would we.

I thought the ABC was ‘for the people’, or is it just the people who ‘appear’ to be hard done by.

So while the ABC don’t appear to have a declared interest in the development, why aren’t they showing both sides of the story? A local resident that I know contacted the ABC again and Media Watch to see if they would like to interview him about the supporting the development. This was their reply: “Thanks for your email to Media Watch. We appreciate all the tipoffs and comments that come in.” My first reaction, WHAT A COP OUT! My second reaction, that is the biggest fob off I have ever seen.

So once again I will ask the question, I wonder if I will ever get an answer to: Why is it that the vocal MINORITY are always the one’s to be heard.

And why, if these Action Groups are about being ‘for the community’ do they decline offers to meet with developers to discuss issues, which could solve so many problems and keep everyone happy? Must be easier to just put your fingers in your ears and not listen to what anyone else has to say.

Anyway, I’ve huffed and I’ve puffed and managed to blow out plenty sacrcasm at its best.

  • bridgett
    November 29, 2009

    Hi Ami,
    I know this blog was posted months ago but I’m researching for an assignment on the Maryville Markets and I’ve just come across this entry.
    I live in about four blocks from the proposed Markets site, and I don’t think it’s a terrible idea at all.
    Your argument here isn’t very valid though. Media watch do stories on the media. Whether or not you and I and other residents are happy about the development is none of Mediawatch’s concern. I think you’re getting them confused with Today Tonight if you think that it’s really in any way relevant. Do you honestly expect a follow up story saying “some residents are happy about the deveopment?” It would be weird and pointless for them to do that. If you think about it

  • Ami
    November 30, 2009

    Hi Bridgett,
    Thanks for your comment. What I probably didn’t clarify in this post (which was written under the influence of annoyance!) was the phone calls that I received from Media Watch accusing me of having a vested interest in the development or that I somehow worked for Mr Constantine, and that’s the only reason my thoughts were published.

    Good luck with your assignment.

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