Plus size? Better increase the size of your wallet too.

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sizingI recently read an online article about how some stores have started charging more for plus-size clothes. Of course I instantly had an opinion, but as I’ve started to write this post I’ve started thinking that this really could go either way on the offending people or not offending people front. It may start a debate (hello readers if you’re out there leave comments!) or you might just all agree with me!

So here goes. My first reaction was, that’s very unfair and bordering on discrimination. My further thoughts were, well when you’re in a restaurant you pay more for a main meal than you do for an entree because it is more food, same with a small coffee vs a large coffee. So in the case of plus-size clothes you are using more material. Right? Quite possibly, but is it really necessary for larger women to have to pay more for their clothes?

Actually no, I don’t think it’s ok. I passed this question around the office guys and they made the point that  there is no difference in price in mens’ clothing from a Small to a XXXL so there you go, the store in question isn’t discriminating against larger people they are discriminating against larger women.

The article claimed that the store normally absorbed the extra costs for plus-sized clothing, but occasionally had to pass in onto the consumer. So why not always pass it onto the consumer in the first place and then that’s just how it would be and that’s what people would expect, as opposed to not doing it and then introducing it and upsetting people?

Am I a plus-size person I hear you ask. No I’m not. So does that mean I don’t have the right to comment on this issue, because maybe it doesn’t bother plus-size people? Maybe? So why don’t you tell me what you think!

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