Passing judgement

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judgementalI am the first to admit that I can be at times very judgemental. Not necessarily in an open public way, often just thoughts in my head, but judgemental nonetheless. So I was thinking about this topic, when yesterday once again a dog in our street had crapped all over our front lawn. How do I know it’s him – I’ve caught the little bugger in the act. So have I approached the owner and politely complained? Well, no. Why? Because (and here goes my judgemental rant!) she’s covered in tattoos, has never smiled and said hello (I’ve smiled), she looks kinda¬† mean, and frankly I don’t know how she would react, and she knows where we live!
There I said it. Judgemental? Totally.

But if we know we’re being judgemental and stereotypical then why do we do it? Honestly I have no idea! I have long blonde hair, does that mean I’m dumb? Certainly not. When I’m busy I can be short sometimes, not in a nasty way and when I’m in a hurry, I move quickly and don’t necessarily have a smile plastered on my face. Does that mean I’m a stuck up snob? Definitely not. But should I be surprised that that’s what some people may think, given my own behaviour. No.

Then today I was reading a post on about Michael Jackson’s children. Mia questioned Michael’s parenting skills. What does she know about Michael as a parent? Only what the media has told us and looking at some photographs. Was Mia being judgemental? Absolutely. And boy has she been coping some flak for it on her website. But honestly, I bet there isn’t anyone out there that hasn’t thought the exact same thing and questioned him as a parent, even for a millisecond.

Maybe it’s the world wide web that has made us become more judgemental as we all now have a place to voice our opinions and pass judgement, often with the ability to remain anonymous. Alternatively, maybe we were always this judgemental but it is now more noticeable because of the web?

stork_babyI remember my hairdresser/friend telling me a story a little while ago about her daughter who is in kindergarten. She has a little friend who is Asian and was adopted from overseas. They were having a mum/daughter chat one day about adoption and how the little boy was from a different country. My friend’s daughter innocently had no idea that her friend was any different and never once questioned why he didn’t look the same as her.

So beautiful and innocent and no judgement whatsoever. Maybe we should all take a leaf out of this little girl’s book.

Or is that too unrealistic to think that we could all retain our childhood innocence when babies were delivered by a stork and running around with no clothes on was cute?!

You be the judge.

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