Dear Sophie…

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To my dearest Sophie Grace,

Welcome to the world Sophie Grace!

Welcome to the world Sophie Grace!

It seems like only yesterday that I met your chubby little face for the first time, and we went from being a couple to a little family.

And now here we are, in just a matter of weeks, you’ll be starting big school.

BIG SCHOOL! I still can’t quite believe it.

Each night as I tip toe down the hall and check on everyone before I go to bed, I kiss your gorgeous little face, still so young and innocent and realise we’re another day closer to your big first day.

I know that you are more than ready to embark on this next exciting chapter of your little life.

So many new things to learn, so many new people to meet, and so many new friends to make.

You really are going to LOVE school! I can just feel it in my bones.

First day of preschool!

First day of preschool!

And so here we are, with just one more week of preschool left.

I’ll never forget your first day. This wide eyed gorgeous kid, with curly locks and beautiful little round face.

You started to cry, and Nadine scooped you up for a hug. I held it together, held it together, held it together, reached the gate, and burst into tears.

I cried the whole way home, and spent the day counting down the hours, minutes, until it was time to collect you!

It’s hard to believe that was nearly 3 years ago.

I am so proud of the sweet, kind, funny and all round spectacular little human being that you are growing into.

So grown up!

So grown up!


And I’m so proud to be your mum.

So go get ‘em Soph. What an exciting new chapter we’re all about to begin.

I love you.

Mum xx

ENVY Jewellery Giveaway!

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I’m very excited to announce the latest What mum wore giveaway…

Envy Jewellery is an Australian owned company with consultants Australia wide. Envy has an affordable range that uses exceptionally high quality gemstones, Swarovski crystals, stainless steel and ion plated rose gold and gold technology.

I’ve been lucky enough to view part of the range, and have already purchased a few gorgeous pieces for myself!

And thanks to Bree who is now showcasing Envy Jewellery across the Hunter Valley, you can win a stunning piece of your own!

All you need to do is ‘Like’ Bree’s Facebook page, click HERE and leave a comment as to which piece you’d like to win.

1. Live, Love, Leaf earrings
2. Gold oval hoop it up earrings
3. Gliterrati Crystal Black Bracelet
4. Crystalised Pink Bracelet

Oh the decisions!

Oh the decisions!


Competition is open to Australian residents only. Only one entry per person. Competition opens Monday 7th December and closes at 9am on Friday 11th December. Winner will be chosen by and announced here and on Facebook on Friday morning. The winner will also be notified by email.

To view the full ENVY Jewellery lookbook just click HERE.

Happy choosing and GOOD LUCK!!

Breaking up is hard to do…

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Break ups are never easy. Should I, shouldn’t I. How will the other person react? But in this relationship it is completely one sided and I was the only one with the angst.

It pains me to say that it’s time for Mia Freedman and I to break up. Well myself and her websites anyway!

For years I admired Mia (I still do) and hung on every word she wrote daily on her website, a blog essentially. I bought her books, I kept track of her tweets. I loved her sense of humour that came through in HER writing and I loved that she wasn’t afraid to say the word fuck.

Long live blogging!

Long live blogging!

There were the haters, but they were easily ignored as she continued to pump out great content for us all to read.

But then it changed. Mamamia slowly but surely grew. And grew. And grew. Until Mia was no longer blogging, she was running a ‘women’s network corporation’ and no doubt taking home a tidy pay packet.

She’s ambitious, and clearly successful and who could begrudge that.

But I started to tire of the repetitive posts, the anonymous housewife cheating on her husband, the comparing of Duchess Kate to Princess Mary.

And the one that finally moved my mouse to click Unlike…. Calling Rebel Wilson out for lying about her age.

C’mon Mia… You’ve spent your whole career championing ‘girl power’ and then you publicly diss Rebel, our Rebel, about her real age and real name. Who the fark cares!

And so when the latest Mamamia announcement was made this week that the multiple sites they run would be consolidated and Mamamia would be branching out into ‘consultancy’ because blogging and specifically “mummy blogging” is dead, I found myself shaking my head like perplexed mother does when their child does or says something ridiculous.

I actually completely beg to differ when it comes to personal blogs. I’m enjoying them more than ever. I’d much rather read about Mrs Woog throwing a tennis ball at a cat, or watching BabyMac recreate a scene from Masterchef. (Both hilarious and highly recommended reading & viewing!)

Why? Because it’s real. They/we open up our lives. Bloggers share their stories, their lives, their families. We relate. We cry. We laugh. Together.

So while it pains me to declare to my once idol, (who obviously doesn’t give a hoot about me!!!), Mia I’m just not that into you anymore, I am enjoying people’s personal blogs more than ever.

Long live blogging.