On the Eve…

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As we’ve all been busily getting ready for Christmas Day, I know many, if not most Australians have at the forefront of their minds thoughts of those that aren’t here to celebrate a holiday that is normally filled with hope, happiness and a touch of magic for the young and young at heart.

But there are 3 little children and 2 families who are going through unimaginable grief along with 15 families who are no doubt beyond grateful they are here to share this Christmas with their loved ones.

The thought of those 3 little kids without their mum makes my heart ache. I can’t imagine the hurt, confusion and overwhelming sadness that they are feeling.

Without my own 3 children I’m not sure I’d feel much like celebrating tomorrow. But then again without my own 3 children I may not feel as affected as I do by last weeks events.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone.

May your days be merry and bright.

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