Ok, so I jumped on the resolutions bandwagon.

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So after umming and aahhing over the past couple of days I have decided to put my New Years Resolutions in writing. Gluten for punishment? Yes, I do believe so!

You see I don’t really do NY Resolutions, because, well, because I know that I won’t keep them.

I won’t exercise. I won’t lose weight. I won’t cook more. So why have I decided to put them in writing this year for all to see? Is this year different? Have I turned over a new leaf?

No sorry, no spiritual awakenings here. Just good old fashion common sense.

Over the past few mornings of laying on the couch watching morning show after morning show, I listened to what the psychologists had to say about making NY Resolutions. The segment’s got off to a great start when they all announced there had been a British study completed that found 75% of people who make NY resolutions fail. Yep three quarters of us will get on that treadmill on New Years Day and then sit on the couch and eat a packet of shortbread and a block of chocolate on the 2nd January like the lazy sods we are.

So we weren’t off to a good start. Then I listened some more and whattya know, they all said the same thing: Make your resolutions realistic. That’s easy enough I thought, and so here we are.

1. Walk Jack the dog more.
Not lose weight, or get fit, because there’s more chance of me becoming Tiger Woods’ 39th mistress than that happening. So I’ve decided to take the less selfish route, and make it all about Jack!

2. Cook more.
Ok, so I said earlier on that I probably wouldn’t cook more, but you see I’ve already got past the hard part, and that’s just cooking at all. A little while back my lovely Husband decided to set me a 16 dish challenge. So far I’ve done 5 dishes. Can’t back out of challenge now can I?!

3. Clean out my wardrobe.
Ok, so I kinda cheated on this one and started the cleansing cull of clothing on New Years Eve. But 5 big bags of clothes and 15 pairs of shoes later and my wardrobe has been officially left with only the chosen few. Ok, there’s more than a few clothes and shoes left but it’s a good start. Now I just need to appreciate what I have left and wear them ALL. Which brings me to number 4.

4. Wear more of my clothes.
Recently on Mamamia, Mia wrote about how we wear 10% of our clothes 90% of the time. Amen, ain’t that the truth. It’s just so easy to grab the old favourite shorts, or the comfy jeans and the fave top and throw it all on with the havaianas and skip out the door. But now I have decided that there’s a reason I go shopping other than the thrill of spending money, and that’s to actually wear the clothes. Who woulda thunk it right? Buying clothes to wear them! Maybe I should throw in another resolution to actually really consider what I’m buying. Um, let me think about that? Nah!

5. Go with my gut.
So many times over the past year I’ve listened to what some people have had to say and I’ve thought bullshit. So this year, I’m going to remember that feeling and go with my gut, and if I think I should question something than I will.

Now I could have plenty of others, you know like that thinking about my shopping purchases long and hard and maybe spending less money at the hairdresser. But the docs on those morning shows did say to make them realistic!

So, would you like to join me on the resolution bandwagon?!

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  • Jodie at Mummy Mayhem
    January 3, 2010

    Well, I don’t do resolutions, but good on you for listing yours! I esp like No. 5 – Go With My Gut. You should ALWAYS do that.

    Good for you. x

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