Oh look I was on TV last night. Well sort of anyway.

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So our little article in The Post on the Maryville Markets was on ABC’s Media Watch last night. You know I could write here all day and probably all night on this issue, but instead I’ll just let you watch the episode yourself.

There are also some great comments too. Not just from me, of course!

I just couldn’t resist posting this one on here:

Mitchell :

25 Aug 2009 10:04:20am

This seems to be a very one-sided report Media Watch! Has The Star or ABC Radio reported views from those in favour of the development? I think not. Oh wait, maybe their journalists haven’t got a handle on the lark either and haven’t gone out and asked the majority. Jonathan Harris – keep your condescending comments to yourself. I thought you would be above that. Or haven’t you got a hang of this non-bias lark?

Well said Mitchell. I’m still waiting for the ABC to contact me to get an opinion on the other side of the story. When I bought this up with the producer of Media Watch, apparently that’s not his job. What? They don’t regulate the ABC too?

Click Here for last night’s Media Watch.

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