NRL: Disgusted much? I am…

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After the story broke last week about the upcoming Four Corners story which was aired last night on ABC, I guarantee every man and especially women had an opinion on this story.

The Four Corners report last night was very insightful to say the least. After being left gobsmacked a couple of times, I guarantee I wasn’t the only one.

With my opinion on the Matthew Johns incident ranging from, leave him alone it was 7 years ago, reportedly consensual and the only issue was he cheated on his wife; to OMG how my opinion of him as a media identity and a person has changed. Where do I sit now? My opinion of him has changed and while I do feel for him on some level that it’s all been dragged back up again, the person I do feel for is his wife and of course his children.

On the other hand, the report showed that this kind of behaviour is “quite normal” amongst the NRL players. Disgusted much? I am.
I started to write more about what I thought then I read Mia Freedman’s blog: and really couldn’t have put it better myself:

“Did you watch? I did and it was an extraordinary investigation by journalist Sarah Ferguson. Some amazing and incredibly moving interviews with victims.  Some gob-smacking vision of players watching ‘training’ videos to learn what rape was and what consent looked like. If you missed it, ABC online have posted the show on iview here. In the meantime……

…….you can go here to see a select couple of interviews from tonight’s show.

I’m sincerely hoping that the interview with Charmayne Palavi – who says she likes sleeping with football players but only on her terms (is there something wrong with that?) is not going to distract from the bigger picture here…that the NRL does seem to have a culture of men who have NO IDEA about respecting women or even what does and doesn’t constitute sexual assault.

Honestly, the fact they have to watch training videos about consent? And then afterwards, after all the talk and the videos, one player says earnestly “It’s about what happens after, you know. Like, if you’re nice to them and put them in a cab then you can cover lots of stuff up.”

Dear lord above…..

Other moments seared in my mind…..the way one of the coaches said “We expect these men to be risk-taking and aggressive on the field but then off the field, we ask them to be submissive and that’s difficult.”

Submissive? Are we asking them to be submissive or just basic decent members of society? Is it submissive to have sex BY YOURSELF with a girl WHO IS NOT DRUNK and who actually wants to have sex with you? Is that submissive?

And the fact that even after ALL this education and all the scandals and media attention over the years, these men are still sexting photos of their erect penises to women… is this possible?

The idea that group sex assists with team bonding? Really?

Ugh.” (Mia Freedman –

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