No dessert for you!

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dessertSo a group of us went out for dinner last night to a recently renovated pub in Carrington. We turned up to the restaurant but they unfortunately couldn’t seat all 8 of us, so we opted for a casual dinner in the front bar. So, a lovely refurbished pub, no screaming children, we were the only one’s in the front bar, great service, fantastic food. Bliss.

So what was the problem? Well not so much of a problem, but more something that we found a little odd.

After we finished our tapas we decided that we all weren’t quite full and could really go some dessert. We asked one of the bar staff for a dessert menu and he said there wasn’t one. Hmmmm interesting. So we then asked out in the restaurant for a dessert menu and the young man couldn’t have been more obliging, saying that he would bring us some menu’s shortly. Then to our surprise he came out to our table and informed us that he wasn’t allowed to bring us dessert menu’s because the restaurant menu’s were for the restaurant only. Apparently there were things like Rocky Road available but not quite what we were after. And why didn’t the bar tender inform us of this when we originally asked for a dessert menu?

We were all in shock. Ok, maybe that’s a bit dramatic!! But we certainly couldn’t understand why it mattered as to where we were sitting in the pub, as to what we could eat? It wasn’t the young guys fault, he was just the messenger, and even he couldn’t understand what the problem was. We would have paid the price on the menu, all 8 of us wanted dessert, plus probably some more drinks and then coffee, but no, this establishment didn’t want our money. Funny you know because I thought that’s what pubs and restaurants do, serve food and drink and make money.

And the thing was that a friend of our’s knew the dessert menu off by heart and my mouth was already watering at the thought of a donut thing with white chocolate. I was sold and so was my tummy.

Anyway so then we all took a trip to the servo for a good old fashioned Magnum. Not quite the dessert we were all hoping for, but sweet and creamy none-the-less.

Lucky for this establishment I couldn’t fault them on anything else, as I said the food that we were allowed to order (detect sarcasm here please!) was fantastic and I will definitely return to eat and drink there again. However I do question their reasons behind denying our simple dessert request.

What do you think? A bit odd?
Have you got any crazy restaurant stories? Share away!

UPDATE: One of the guys who was at dinner last night decided to email the place about what happened.
This is their response:

Firstly, thank you so much for taking the time to email us.

On behalf of all staff at Carrington Place I would like to offer my sincere apologies for the downturn your meal took at the end of the evening.
Of course you are able to have dessert and coffee’s in the bar! At no time has any staff member been told otherwise.
Please be sure that this issue will be addressed immediately and thank you again for bringing this to my attention .

We look forward to welcoming you back to Carrington Place.

Now THAT’S good service. Apologising, tick. Quick response, tick. Not that I wasn’t going to go back before, but I will DEFINITELY not think twice about going back again. And soon. And will be spreading the word – in a good way! So next time… there will definitely be dessert for me!! Mmmmm I can taste the donut, white chocolate thing already!!

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  • Ben
    August 20, 2009

    Just so you know Ami i have sent the establishment in question an email in regards to this matter. I do not understand the reasoning? especially considering the dollars involved.

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